Though Red Ted Art is really known for all our Classic Kids Crafts. Here I share with you OVER 101  “How Tos/ Tutorials” targetting the tweens, teens and adult crafter! You will find that this 101 Tutorials page is a really eclectic mix of crafts – some are super simple and easy.. some require a skill (e.g. knitting).. the majority are thrifty.. and many are about trying out something new (be it simple soap making, making a Terrarium or learning how to crochet and sew). I have created this list with the support of a team of fantastic and gorgeously creative Guest Posters and my thanks go out to them. If you like a Guest Post, do go and visit that person’s site  to show your appreciation!!!

So if you enjoy crafts and if you enjoy variety. If you enjoy a challenge or something new… come and browse the below. There will be something for everyone!

I am always look for Guest Posts, so if you are interested leave a comment or drop me an email on info (at) redtedart (dot) com.

If you are looking for something specific, there is a CATEGORY drop down menu on the right hand side, you can search by type (e.g. sewing, crochet, paper mache) or theme (e.g. Easter, Mother’s Day or Card Making).

Red Ted Art’s How To’s

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