Inspirational Projects

As some of you know, I went to a Cricut Explore launch day a couple of weeks ago. I was uncertain as to what I thought about the Circut Explore before hand (after all, I love making things from scratch), but I came away excited and enthused about the possibilities. There are two things that I really love about the Circut Explore – 1) the polished finished it gives to everything, giving everyone a level playing field to create (no more “pin-fails) and 2) that you can upload your own images… ooh the possibilities!! But more to that later.

What I wanted to do, was share some FABULOUS crafts with you from the day:

Butterfly Dress

First up, this GORGEOUS dress…. now.. as the Circut Explore makes it so VERY easy to cut out 100s of these butterflies, I reckon you could easily make a dress like this as a “one of spectacular WOW”!DIY Favours Bag

Clearly the dress would be a fabulous wedding dress… and to go with the wedding theme, I adore these little DIY glitter favours bags. Aren’t they just PRECIOUS?


Paper Flower Ideas

Or how about this beautiful bouquet of paper flowers? Stunning.

Cupcake decorating for all seasons

A more “classic” use of the Circut Explore – creating 10s of pretty cupcake wrappers and cupcake toppers. Don’t they look wonderful? And a bit neater and faster to do than my hand cut efforts!Decorating Mugs


Table Decorations with Cricut

Now this is where the Cricut Explore and associated products rally becomes fun! Decorating Cups, Mugs and Plates with the special Vinyl. I heard some say that these are washing up proof. I am not 100% of that. But even, if they are not, these would make for a fun and quirky seasonal decoration – as they are so easy to do “so what” if they only last a few weeks? Having said that – I love the tree on this table – a really quirky way to redecorate old furniture. And the tic tac to game is just too cute and simple t make!

Decorating glasses


On the topic of seasonal.. I adore these “etched glass” effect wine glasses. Again, I am not sure they would “last”, but they are fun and look great. You can just make out the snowflakes on the table and coaster too. Such a cute, quick and fun decoration to add to the seasons.

Christmas decorating ideas


I adore the little DIY Advent calendar hanging in the tree. Making your own gift tags is suddenly quick and easy (you could upcycle last year’s Christmas cards to do this). And I LOVED seeing how many different fabrics took the iron on materials – these little fox and snowflake pillows were just the start. There were beach towels and napkins and all sorts.

Halloween decorations bats

Halloween lantern ideas


How fun are these Halloween Decorations?!?!? Simply the cutest. I ADORE the bats. A clever and quick to do idea for sure.

Paper button flowersAnd finally, as these are so colourful and pretty…. adore these paper craft flowers and buttons. Just too cute.

They had SO many more ideas at the day – from vinyl on wellie boots, dresses made from leather, jewellry and lots of different bags, onies and t-shirts. The impressive thing is, that the Cricut Explore cuts 200 different types of materials – from tracing paper to beech wood. Seriously cool.

Find out more about the Cricut Explore here. (This btw is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to share these wonderful crafts!)