Red Ted Art has been growing up!!!!! Since starting the blog/ website in 2010 our Kids Crafts have grown and evolved as my kids have been growing up too. The early days saw lots of (wonderful) Crafts for Preschoolers… and today, you will see many crafts that should interest older kids – 5-6yrs+ – with many of newer crafts targetting 8-12yrs olds. Of course sometimes the lines are blurry and crafts can easily appeal to kids of all ages.

I would like to make sure that YOU get exactly what you need.. maybe you are a Foundation/ KS1 teacher and only need activities for younger children.. maybe you are a parent like me, and your kids have also been growing up.

To make sure you get EXACTLY what you need I am now splitting my newsletter into two:

  1. UNDER 5s 
  2. OVER 5s (all the way to crafts for grown ups!).

Hopefully that is a nice and simple split! You are welcome to join just the one Newsletter or both! If you want both, we will be sending them out on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you don’t get overwhelmed with two sets of crafty goodies on one day!

There will however be some overlap between the two!


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The Under 5s Newsletter:

The under 5s newsletter is ideal for younger children – the crafts are simple, bright and colourful. We make lots of use of recycled materials (who doesn’t love a bit of junk modelling?) such as Toilet Paper Rolls and cardboard boxes. Projects help develop fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and listening to instructions (though freedom to create is encouraged). You will find every day projects as well as many seasonal ideas!

Under 5s crafts are also suitable for older children in a group setting (e.g. in the classroom) and adult support is spread more thinly. I have also been frequently told, that dementia patience have enjoyed these simple crafts.

This Newletter will go out on TUESDAYS!

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The 5yrs+ Newsletter:

As your child grows, their skills develop and their interests change! These crafts also explore new skills – finger knitting, sewing and paper crafts are taken to the next level. However the basic ethos of “easy” and “accessible” to all remains. We want kids to develop their skills, but also remain confident and enjoy the process as much as the end results. In this newsletter you will find Pop Up Cards, trending topics such as Fidget Spinners or popular characters such as Emojis and Pokemon!! Whatever it takes to keep the joy in crafting alive for children!

This Newletter will go out on FRIDAYS!

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NOTE: the sign up form is a bit glitchy at the moment – please email me if you can’t get it to work!

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