Juice Carton Crafts – Simple Snack Box


We do love a challenge! And we challenged ourselves to come up with a variety of Juice Carton crafts! The great thing about juice cartons (or milk cartons for that matter0 are it’s distinct properties: they are waterproof and they usally have a certain elongated shape (and often the little trianglur house shape “on top”). So what juice carton crafts could we make that took advantage of some of these properties?

First up, we made some little Juice Craft Snack Boxes – inspired by similar “milk jug snack boxes” I have seen knocking around the internet. These are great, as they are water proof and you can also rins them out afterwards. Perfect for some picnic extras, such as tomatoes, cucumbers and carrot sticks or some grapes or pretzels. Or they could make great little popcorn boxes for on the go snacking too!! What to fill them with – your imagination is the limit.Juice Carton Craft - simple snack box

They are also SUPER easy to make.. and you can leave them undecorated or decoratet hem (we quite like the undecorated boxes!!!)

Juice Carton Crafts – Snack Boxes – Materials:

  • Juice carton per box
  • self adhesive velcro “spots”
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape (optional)

Juice Carton Crafts – Snack Box How To:

Juice Carton Snack Box craft

1) These are SO quick and easy to make. Begin by rinsing out your juice carton.

2) Cut down – we went about 2/3s of the way – 1/3 being the final box height, the 2nd third for the flaps.

3) Cut your flaps and shape them.

4) Stick on your velcro spots.

5) Decorate if required.

Simple DIY Snack Box Craft

USE and ENJOY your juice carton snack box!