Kiddicare review

Well.. if you live in the UK and you have kids…. then you will have come across Kiddicare sooner or later I first “met them” a good 5 years ago, when I invested in a Bambio Mio Cloth Nappy kit. Some of you may know, that cloth nappies, though longer term are a good investment, are quite expensive to begin with. I forked out well over £200. But this was going to last us a nappy life time. In fact, it lasted us TWO nappy lifetimes (we had both Red Ted and Pip Squeak in them)! So the money WAS well spent.

And it was even better spent, as Kiddicare was able to provide the best deal on the market. I love the internet and I do love to hunt down a good deal. And Kiddicare came up trumps. Spend over £30 and you get free postage too.

Then recently, it was time to upgrade Red Ted from his infant care seat to booster seat. Again. We decided  on what we needed (the choice was far too large and dreadful to have to make) and when we checked out the Kiddicare prices, again it was the best deal on the market.

The car seat was delivered within days. With the best bit being, that I had a choice of deliver days AND that the day before the delivery I received an email telling me the time slot I could expect the delivery in (between 3pm and 4pm). Now THAT was handy. So instead of staying in all day/ stroke worrying when I went on the nursery run, I knew exactly when the parcel would be arriving. And it did arrive exactly when they said. I want to know, why other companies cannot get their deliveries or collections this accurate. I have wasted many a day waiting on deliveries or just missing them by 5minutes and this was a definite bonus.

As to the car seat. Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin and it came at a slightly cheaper price.

Great experience. Thanks Kiddicare!

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