Polymer Clay Circle Flower Cards for Preschoolers

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Mother's Day CardsWelcome back to this week’s  Kids Get Crafty and our FIMO Flower Cards! I love these cards, as they are great for small hands to make and a great way of letting them have a go at what can be quite tricky: FIMO (or polymer clay)! But of course you can make these cards out of anything – circular stickers, funky foam, card, felt (ooh that would be lovely)… anything. We just happened to have rather a nice batch of FIMO from the lovely Craft Merrily and we wanted to make different things from it. If you want to learn more about Polymer Clay or get more crafty FIMO making ideas, do check out their website! (PS I am not in any way obliged to blog about FIMO nor to link to Craft Merrily – they re simply a great crafty resource site that helped me reawaken my love for FIMO!).

Mother's Day Cards

We used our cards for a friend’s Birthday and for Granny at Easter. But I think they would make wonderful Mother’s Day Cards too!

Materials: FIMO (or similar), card stock

1) Form balls in three different sizes. Don’t make them too large, as you will flatten them next. I found that once I had “softened” the FIMO for Red Ted (4) first, he was quite good at manipulating it himself. He got VERY good at making balls! Pip Squeak (2) love the squishing bit… but couldn’t do too much more.

 Mother's Day Cards Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Cards

2) Squish the first ball flat. Place second on top and squish again… repeat with third. Your first flower head may be huge and rather squashed looking, but am sure you will get the hang of it quickly.

3) Make a stem and add – again, Red Ted enjoyed rolling out the FIMO that I had already softened for him.

FIMO cards

4) Bake in oven as per instructions (approx 120C for 30minutes)

Mother's Day Cards

5) Glue onto coloured card and that onto your card stock. Done!