Kids Crafts: Penguin Finger Print Cards (Thank You Cards)

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Penguin Cards

Sorry – this Kids Craft post went out 2 days early. Apologies. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

Christmas Craft ideasNow that Christmas is almost over (we are still looking forward to 3 Kings Day), I set the “kids to work” and we made some Fingerprint Penguin cards as Thank You Cards for relatives. I have to say in retrospect it was a little fiddly – I had to add the beaks, eyes and feet – but they enjoyed the process never the less and LOVE the finished cards. Luckily we made loads, so he kids were able to keep some.

card making

Another idea for you from a couple of years ago – we upcycled our Christmas Wrapping paper and made these cute Thank You Cards. Pop over and take a look.

Penguin Fingerprint Card Idea:

Materials: Black, whit and yellow paint, fingers, small brush, paper, scissors, card stock (our black card is recycled from old brochures.

We used Tempera powder paint – which means that the white and yellow easily went on top of the black, however it also was rather crumbly…. I would be tempted to try this next time with black in for printing and a tiny bit of acrylic paint for painting.

1) Let the kids do lots of finger prints. Red Ted was quite good at getting 3-4 in a row. Pip Squeak’s was a littlemore higgledy piggeldy (see below).

Thank You Cards for Pre Schoolers

2) Once dry, add white tummies – either with your fingers or a brush. Red Ted found the brush easier. Pip Squeak lost interest, so I did it for her.

3) Then again, adding a dab of paint, add a dab of yellow for the beak and 2 dabs for the feet. Then add the eyes.

4) Once fully dry, I cut the penguins out and stuck them on card for the kids.

Penguins Pip Squeak

I find Pip Squeak’s randomness rather charming!

And all done. We wrote our thank yous and the kids added their name/ initial and done.

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Have you been making Thank You Cards for Kids?