Kids Get Crafty – Winter Trees


Now, I was inspired by the amazing Valerie of the Frugal Family Fun blog. She regularly comes up with beautiful and creative crafts for kids – who says that kids crafts “have to be ugly” or just a load of mess? Valerie made these lovely trees with her girls and I also decided that this would be great opportunity to let Pip Squeak “paint” again since her first go back in the summer. She has been DYING to have a go every time her big brother paints, so I thought these would be perfect for her. She loved EVERY minute of it, save for my saying “No, don’t eat paint!” (which made her cry brielfy) and then the final “now we must tidy up”.


The Book

Winter-Wimmelbuch Winter Wimmelbuch, by Rotraut Susanne Berner von Gerstenberg.

I love “Wimmelbuecher” – they are the German equivalent of “Where’s Wally”, but there many many different editions and versions and you don’t (always) look for a Wally, but for lots of different things. Don’t speak German? Don’t worry you can still enjoy these books. They are great way to develop vocabulary (German or English), as well as spending time looking at things quietly and in detail. This is one of four Wimmelbueche exploring, well the four seasons. As we’ve just had some snow, it has been really fun looking at the Winter Wimmelbuch. You can see all the bare trees and the people in their hats and scarves. You can look for snowmen and snowploughs. You can look into some of the houses and see what people are  up. There are certain characters that appear on every page and you see them wandering through the book and others that cross over into Summer or Spring. Fabulous. We adore these books.

The Craft

Painting winter trees, allows the children to get messy and still give you a pretty tree at the end!

Materials: Paper, masking tape, paint, brushes

1) I decided to tape the paper to the table to make it easier for Pip Squeak

2) With masking tape then create a tree shape on the paper – Red Ted and I did his together and I did Pip’s for her

3) Start painting. Get messy and have fun.

4) Let dry

5) Once dry carefully remove the masking tape. And finished!

(Thanks Valerie for a great idea!)

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