Loom Band Flower Ring & Bracelet DIY

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The craze around loom bands has indeed died down. However every so often my kids and I do enjoy getting our Loom Band stash out and making something. Sometimes we make the “traditional” loom band bracelets, other times we look for something new and different to make. So here we have these Loom Band Flowers – you can make them using pony beads and loombands or you can make these flowers JUST using loom bands. We found the pony bead method a little easier but think that BOTH look very pretty. We have many loom band ideas for you here on Red Ted Art, do have a browse (I think the Loom Band Bouncy Balls are our all time favourites)!

Loom Bands Flowers - a nice little idea combining loom bands and pony beads. Love how you can turn these DIY flowers into rings, hair slides or bracelets!

I think these flowers are super cute and you can use them in different ways – to make a loom band ring (my favourite), add into a hair slide or as a cute flower loom band bracelet. LOVE.

Loom Band Flowers – Materials:

  • Per flower – 5 pony beads or 10 extra loom bands
  • 11 Loombands
  • Extra loombands for connecting flowers
  • a pencil is handy

How to make Flower Loom Bands:

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