Love the Outdoors! Love your Hands!

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Hello hello hello! Ooh today I have a lovely topic to talk about – the great outdoors! As a crafty mum.. you probably think, I spend the whole time “indoors” with my family… well no, that would proove a great disaster – we need to go out and run and skip and breath in the fresh air as much as any other family!

When we are out and about we love to run. Jump in puddles and roll down grass hills (there is a perfect little one near Opapa’s house).

The Englishman can’t wait to take us all camping – real camping that is – no campsites, but woods and streams and campfires. I can’t wait!

What I love even more, is if we spend lots of time outdoors, collect some “bits and bobs” from nature and then go home and get crafty!

For example – have you seen our Stick Men? or our Poppy Seed Husk prints? Or how about our “Leaf Bird” marionettes..? Well go and check them out – spending time outdoors and then heading home with your crafty finds is brilliant.

The results of all our outdoor activity are grubby faces and hands, but tired and happy children.

I always carry a hand sanitizer in my bag (I know this is a sponsored post, but I have done this since my children were born) and I find it invaluable not just at the park, but on the tube or the bus or around town. A quick squirt and the kids can eat their fruit…

Now… Cuticura have an extensive range of hand sanitizers and have launched a “Love your Hands Outdoors” campaign. To celebrate this, they want you to come and visit their competition and win £100s worth of outdoorsy prizes. All you have to do is submit your vote:


It is super quick & easy (took me less than a minute) and you stand the chance to win fabulous outdoorsy stuff!

So what are you waiting for? Take part! Win! And get outside!

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