Mario Bros. Cake DIY

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You may have noticed that I like to do “collaborations” over on YouTube.. basically – this means getting together and creating some similar themed content. Today, I got together with Zoe from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes.. and wow.. are here cakes AMAZING. In fact, her whole channel is amazing and so inspirational. We decided to have fun with some Mario Bros. DIYs. I made some adorable little Salt Dough Mario Ornaments (use them for decorating a Mario Bros. party or for HUGE Mario Bros. fans, these would make adorable Mario Bros. Christmas Ornaments.. but I digress… Zoe, made this fantastic cake. Doesn’t it look great? And here video instructions is a short and sweet 3-4min long.. great inspiration for anyone wanting to make a Mario Bros. Mushroom cake for a birthday soon!

Calling all Mario Bros Fans! Make this Easy DIY Mario Mushroom Cake. Great for all Gamers. This is a delicious and easy Buttercream and Fondant Icing cake. Great for beginnner bakers.

Be sure to watch Zoe’s video below… but also visit her lovely YouTube channel and subscribe (for free) today!!

You could also make this printable Super Mario craft as a greeting card to go with the birthday cake!

So… want to make your own Mario Bros. Cake? Take a look at this fabulous tutorial.

Isn’t that simply the CUTEST Mario Bros. Mushroom cake? I adore it!! And am so inspired to give this ago. Simply marvellous. Now if you liked the cake.. hop over and check out our Mario Bros. Ornaments… too cute!!!

Mario Bros. Cake - an easy Buttercream and Fondant tutorial, bound to delight all gamers

Mario Bros. Ornaments

My contribution to the collab were these adorable Salt Dough Mario Bros. Ornaments – easy and fun to make. I think they would make super cute Christmas Ornaments too!