Monsters Inc Craft: Mike Pom Pom

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Monsters Inc Fever Contiues… as those cuddly and lovable characters, Mike and Sulley, hit the big screens again, we are all in Mike & Sulley Craft excitement! We have already made a Sulley Pinata and  and some Monsters Inc Finger Puppets, now we wanted to share our Sulley Pom Pom Craft! Simple and fun!

Materials: Wool, cardboard (for your pom pom maker), felt in various colours, green pipecleaners, PVA glue

Alternatively, you can use a shop bought pom pom and use a giant googley eye… 

Mike and Sulley Crafts

1) Make your pom pom. To make your pom pom cut TWO large circle from your card and then make a smaller one with in it. In retro spect, I would have made both my circles smaller, as the centre circle was a little big and meant we had to be very careful to stop the wool from falling out, once you have cut it. I cut a strip in the side, to make the wrapping of yarn QUICK and EASY.. (rather than pushing the wool through constantly!). I have another pom pom making method for you to check out, which is great for making smaller pom poms and great for kids and helping them wind!

Once you have wrapped the wool round 2-4 layers, cut between the two discs of card. Then wrap some strong stringbetween the two layers to secure your pom pom wool. I avoid using the wool to tie it all together, as the wool has a tendency to snap when I pull it tight!

Monsters Inc Pom Pom

2) Trim your pom pom with scissors to make it neat and even. I save the trim as stuffing (can’t help being thrifty).

Mike Craft

3) Cut out some Mike shapes – the eyes, horns and mouth and get your pipecleaners ready.

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4) Stick your pipecleaners through the centre of your pom pom and bend. Our legs turned out a little short, as we ran out of pipecleaners. Next time I would make them longer! Glue your eyes and horns and mouth in place! And done!

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