Monsters Inc Puppets

Monsters Inc Finger Puppets

TOLD YOU we were on a Monsters Inc “craze” right now – so we made some Monsters Inc PUPPETS. The kids are crazy about them. They keep running off with them – before I can “snap” them playing with the finger puppets. Once again, I would say “easy” to make – just cut and glue and you have your favourite Monsters Inc characters as puppets. We focused on Mike & Sulley Finger Puppets. (Check our adorable Mike Pinata, simple LOVE HIM).

Monsters Inc Puppets

Materials: felt in vary colours, scissors, PVA glue or a hot glue gun, for Mike we also used some pipe cleaners, but you could add felt arms and legs if you don’t have any in the right colour

Monsters Inc Puppets Template outline

1) I printed out Mike & Sulley images to guide me. Looking at them I broken them down into body parts – a body with legs for Sulley, an oval for Mike. Some extra arms and a head for Sulley and some crazy eyes for Mike. You catch my drift. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW if you would like me to create a template for the puppets.

Sulley Finger Puppet

Monsters Inc Puppet craft

2) Cut them all out. Note for Mike, I did a white, blue and black eye – all from felt. For sulley, I coloured in the pupil on the white felt using a pen. Don’t forget the horns for both monsters!!

monsters inc finger puppet crafts

mike and sulley crafts

3) Sense check them – I found that adding eyebrows to Sulley REALLY made him look just the part. And then get your glue and stick it all together. Make sure you glue the arms and legs in between the two body parts for both of the monsters… then add the other bits on pieces on “top”.

Be sure to leave the BOTTOM of your monsters puppets OPEN so that you can insert a finger!

Note: CHEAP felt – tends to be stiff – will glue badly with PVA (white glue) and you will have to use a hot glue gun or sew it. Good quality felt (usually more flexible and contains more natural fibres) glues very well with PVA glue.

Monsters Inc Finger Puppets

Once dry, play!

(Watch out for a film review coming to Theatre, Books and Movies ***SOON***)