Nature Play Ideas: Land Art

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Our nature play ideas mini series continues! Welcome to day 3! The nature play series is all about simple activities or play ideas you can do using natural materials that you can find on your walk in the park or in the garden or whilst on holiday. The key though – nothing “extra” is needed – no scissors, no paint, no knives, no string. Just nature. And it is up to you to adapt our nature ideas to the nature items that you can find near YOU.

Nature Play Idea – Land Art

Nature Play - 3 - Land Art


We love land art and have explored land art with leaves as part of our Andy Goldsworthy project before. It something that is wonderful to come back to time and time again. Whever you are, what ever nature items you can find and regardless of whether you have 5 minutes or an hour! This time we created little hearts from rocks. As with our other Nature Play ideas, you can use whatever you find – create pictures from sticks, leaves, shells. Use one material or combine them. Make it simple or make it complex.

Look at your nature material, feel it, enjoy it and get CREATIVE.

Be sure to come back for more Nature Play Ideas over the coming days!