New Year’s Eve Traditions: Make Your Own (Super Amazing Mum Style)

New Year's EveAnd as our New Year’s Eve Traditions from around the world draw to a close.. about making your very own and very special Family Traditions? Today, Super Amazing Mum shares her family’s very own tradition and I reckon there are a thing or three we might  start doing ourselves!!!

I’ve always loved New Year’s Eve and before kids, HAW (Him At Work) and I were fortunate to have had some amazing times seeing in the New Year.  From fireworks on the beach in Thailand to a snowy winter wonderland in the Alps dressed in black tie and ball gowns.  We’ve had brilliant parties with friends and been awake and laughing at sunrise.  We really have had some amazing experiences.

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In the last 9 years though, we have only been out once and that was in 2010 when 10 of us went to Kensington Roof Gardens for an amazing dinner in a private room with access to the whole venue.  It was again, AMAZING.  However, with parents who still like to go out themselves, we don’t have anyone on hand to babysit and this left us with a dilemma.  We LOVE to celebrate but can’t get out to do so.

We very quickly realized that in order to carry on in the way that we had become acustomed, we needed to start our own traditions.  I think we have the perfect formula now for parents of young children and I implore you to follow suit – especially if you have small children.

The perfect way to spend New Years Eve is to make it special – a dinner party for deux with lots of special treats.  Imagine that this is your last supper and go all out to impress.

We both adore food and in between Christmas and New Year we plan what we are going to have on the menu.   Typically we would start with Oysters and Champagne followed by Scallops and bacon salad for our starter.

We tend to go all out for the main and most years we have beef wellington with everything made from scratch including the pastry and pate.

As we overload with rich food for the main, pudding is something like a lemon mousse.  We have a cheese board and dessert wine and soft lights and music.

The rules state that we must dress up – it is a special night that warrants a special effort and so I wear a dress and heels and HAW puts on a suit or black tie.  It sounds bonkers writing that, but believe you me, by making the effort we really have a fabulous time.

The rules also state that we can’t use our phones or laptops, it is quite literally us enjoying each other’s company with no distractions.  We put the television on at 11:30pm to watch the countdown and go and get the children up so they can watch it with us.  We snuggle on the sofa and then the countdown begins – everyone including Pixie partakes and we hug and kiss at New Year before HAW leads us all in a very raucous rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”.  He is VERY proud of his Scottish roots!

We then head into the garden to watch the fireworks and set off a few of our own.  The children by this time are drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and we then all traipse of to bed together.

New Years Day starts with a swim in the outdoor pool at our gym.  (I kid you not!) I am always the first in and it is so SO invigorating.  WE then head of to the local pub for a New Years Day lunch and talk about our resolutions.

It may be different to our “party days” but HAW are both in agreement that our NYE traditions are now blessed and as the children get older, we are hoping that they get to stay in and up with us for a big family dinner.

Happy Christmas to you and yours

Peace and Love

S.A.M xoxo

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