New Year’s Eve Traditions – Wave Jumping in Brazil

 Welcome to today’s featured New Year’s Eve Tradition: Wave Jumping in Brazil. A good friend (and reader of Red Ted Art!) told me about this fun tradition.

The Brazilians do love to party and as New Year’s Eve falls in their summer, outdoor parties and a dip in the sea provide for a pleasant activity.

Traditions are important to the Brazilians. And New Year’s Eve is a big part of their traditions.

On New Year’s Eve many Brazilians will dress in white – to bring good luck and peace for the year. And then after midnight (and watching lots fireworks) they will head to the beach, to jump over 7 waves, whilst throwing flowers into the sea and making a wish.  Some will also light candles and bury them in the sand. It is believed that the goddess of the sea will make their wishes come true. [Source]

Living in chilly England, I think that may be we will NOT be doing this one.. but for those of you on the Southern Hemisphere…maybe you fancy a dip in the see this New Year’s Eve? It certainly would be a refreshing start to your New Year and maybe would be a fun New Year’s Eve Tradition for your family!

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