Ocean Black Glue Art Projects


This is a fabulous art technique that everyone should give a go at least ones: Black Glue Art! The combination of glue and watercolour art is a fun exploration for kids and people of all ages. The black glue is easy to make yourself (see how to make black glue here) and it gives you black glue art a Stained Glass on Paper effect. This is a technique favoured by many an art teacher (I have shared some great projects relating to this below) and is easy to do at home. We thought we would have a go at a summer art project version and create a cool Shark Black Glue Art project! Needless to say, you can do any project you like.. but we thought the sharks where particularly fun!

If you enjoy the “stained glass” feel of this Shark Project, you may also like this Printable Stained Glass Shark from my friend over at School Time Snippets. I ADORE the bright colours they used to create their project.

Black Glue & Watercolors Art Project – Materials

  • You can buy black glue online here US/ UK (affiliate links) OR you can check out our How to make Black Glue post and make your own
  • Ant watercolours
  • Some watercolour paper (or ordinary paper)
  • Pencil & Brushes

I often get asked about our watercolor set.. and it is THIS set that we have. I love it, as it is fun to use (so pretty), but also has some great graded colours. You can get some here US/ UK (affiliate links). I will DEFINITELY be buying these again and they make great gifts too!

We have a SHARK stencil/ colouring pages that you can use to trace if that is easier for you!

Black Glue & Watercolors Art Project – How To

The process is super fun and simple. I made a YouTube video about it for my “YouTube Kids” and when my daughter came home and saw it, she wanted to have a go STRAIGHT AWAY.. and DID! (see her images below).

Begin with by sketching out your your main subject. I drew a simple shark with some slight waves behind it.

Then take a ruler and draw some lines across your picture – I “pretended” these were sun rays filtering into the water. But really, they are just there, to break up your image and to give it that “Stained Glass effect”. You don’t HAVE To do this. You can just focus on your drawing.. similarly, you don’t have to break up your images with straight lines, you can make arbitrary incisions too!

Once you are happy with your drawing. Give your black glue a good shake. You may even need to clear the nozzle with a needle to allow for your black glue to flow out neatly. I also find it useful to do a little test strip first – so that not too much black glue squirts out at once and you get used to handling the bottle.

Once you have copied all your outlines, let dry fully.

You can gently erase any pencil marks you can still see. But be careful as it MAY smudge some of your black glue art lines.

When you are ready, get your water colours out and enjoy.

I decided to make the top right hand corner a little “lighter” as per the “sun ray” effect and the bottom left a little dark… mixing red and blues to create purples. Experiment with your colours. Both Pip Squeak and I enjoyed mixing green and blue to get that lovely turquoise effect.

FINISHED! Ta da. Painting with black glue and watercolors is so fun!!! And the results are striking.

As mentioned Pip Squeak (7) came home and wanted to have a go straight away. She did the line drawing and black glue that same evening and let it dry over night.

The next day at breakfast (and we were in early for “morning before school clubs”) she insisted on painting her picture.

Isn’t it wonderful? She loved experimenting with mixing colours.

And her final “under the sea art project”. Design and executed all by herself!

I hope you feel inspired to have a go at a Summer Black Glue Art project yourself. Remember it is quick and easy to make your own Black Glue. And we will be sharing LOTS MORE Fabulous Under the Sea Black Glue and Watercolor projects SOON!

In the meantime, here are some great sites for more Ocean Black Glue Art ideas