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Oh how I love love love paper bows! And now that I have finally gotten my YouTube channel *going*, creating a how to make a paper bow video was simply the best way to show you how to make this lovely Kirigami craft. Kirigami is the art of paper folding, where a  little cutting is involved (as opposed to Origami, which is JUST folding and no cutting). You don’t have to cut a lot.. so don’t be put off! These paper bows look FABULOUS on brown paper parcels. I am ALWAYS running out of wrapping paper, but ALWAYS have brown paper.. pop on a paper bow and you are done. Gorgeous.
Gorgeous Paper Bows, these look so lovely on brown paper parcels. Learn how to make them today.


Now is a great time to take 5-10min to learn how to make one of these paper bows.. and then with the madnes sof Christmas hurtling our way, you can make dozens of these in no time. I am sure all your friends and family will love this DIY Gift Wrap idea! It certainly is MY favourite to date! (I have lots of Gift Wrap Ideas that involve the kids too.. do click here and check them out!)DIY Paper Bows - one of my favourite paper crafts to date - these are easy to make once you get the hang of the pattern and simply gorgeous on brown paper pracels!


To make a Paper Bow all you need is:

  • Square piece of paper – traditional origami paper or a normal printer sheet of paper are fine (just cut down to a square)
  • Scissrs

Watch the Paper Bow How To Video today:

Hope you enjoyed it and that you get to make lots and lots and LOTS of paper bows!