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I’m super excited and honored to be a part of Red Ted Art’s guest post series 31 Days of Love.  My name is Marina Gallovitch, and I’m an art educator, artist, and blogger. I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband and two children (ages 7 and 5).  On top of blogging, I teach private art lessons where I love to help children explore their own unique art process.  Ultimately, I love using my blog, Flash Bugs Studio, as a platform to help parents and kids cultivate creativity in their lives.  Because who doesn’t love getting a little crafty?  For “31 Days of Love” I’m sharing a really cute and easy project from my Pint-Size Artist class created called Pointillism Hearts. This is a perfect Pointillism for Kids project.

Easy Pointillism for Kids - a cute heart project (perfect for Valentines Day projects too!)

Historically, pointillism is a painting process created by Impressionist artist Georges Seurat, (famous for his painting,  A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte), where he used different colored dots to create a scene or an image.

Here’s a fun way to introduce pointillism to create the illusion of a purple heart on a green background.

Pointillism for Kids – Heart Project – Materials:

  • Heart template cut out of cardstock
  • 9”x12” white construction paper
  • 3 jars of red, blue, yellow tempera paint
  • 3 brand new unsharpened pencils

Pointillism for Kids – Heart Project – Process

Pointillism for Kids. A cute heart project (perfect for Valentines Day projects too!)

Have your child trace a heart onto their piece of white construction paper. Next, have them fill in the inside of the heart using only blue and red dots.  It’s easier to have them use one color at a time.  First, take the blue pencil dip it into the jar and dot it on the paper. Once the heart is filled, apply red dots in any white spaces.  Finally, dot the outside of the heart using yellow and blue dots. Again, using one color at time.

Pointillism for Kids - a cute heart project (perfect for Valentines Day projects too!)

When your child is finished, hold the painting up and have them walk far away and squint their eyes.  They will be completely amazed when they see their heart turned purple and the background turned green.

This is an easy and sweet lesson to teach children about primary colors and color mixing.

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