Quick Craft Post: Baby Shoes

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I came across these cute baby shoes from Stardust Shoes a couple of weeks ago. I looked at the pattern, and it sounded hard. So I typed “make easy baby shoes” into google and time and time again, the Stardust Shoe pattern came up. So I decided to bite the bullet and have a go. What do you think? Are my Baby Shoes cute?? Or just ok? Will they be a good baby gift? I have 2 baby girls, 1 baby boy + two of yet to be born babies to make gifts for.. shall I make more?

If you decide to have a go, here are some pointers:

1) My first easy baby show hurdle, was not knowing what “fusible interfacing” is. Interfacing (whether fusible or sew in interfacing) is “stuff” that you iron onto your fabric to stiffen it and give it more structure. Like in shirt collars or similar. Your local sewing shop or ebay will stock it and it is not expensive. First hurdle survived.

2) The next hurdle, was not understanding what an “easy stitch” is….. I figured it out in the end – it means slightly gathering the “larger material” to make it fit the shorter one. Apparently you can somehow do this with your sewing machine. After much fiddling I found it much easier to just pin my baby shoe pieces in place and suddenly it all worked.

3) The final bit, I may change next time – is the elastic of the baby show – you can see on mine, that it is pulled quite tightly (as per instructions), I think it makes the shoe look a little funny… what do you think? A tad looser next time?

Here is some great info on the best time of day for a baby shower.

Anyway.. I shall await your respons regarding making more baby shoes! Maybe this one just for girls? A bit twee for boys????