Quick Craft Post: More Morsbags. Less Waste.


After having spent a morning with Morsbags a couple of weeks ago, I was inspired to make some more (here is my original Morsbag post with links to patterns). I had huge sewing machine problems.. but it is all part and parcel of learning to sew. I just chanted: it isn’t the sewing machine, you must have made a mistake somewhere. It isn’t the sewing machine. Find the mistake. It isn’t the sewing machine. Find the mistake. Finally, I got there… (the needle had worked itself loose and I, uhm, put it back in back to front… tsk tsk).

The shirt bag will go to a friend, who saved an old shirt for crafting for me. She isn’t expecting it back, so I hope she likes it!

The second will go to my neighbour, made from The Englishman’s old suit trousers….