Quick Craft Post: Onesie Lavender Pillow

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A friend dropped off some cute Onesies for crafting… they were adorable and tiny. Because of that the cute little designs had so little fabric around them, that what I could make with them was limited… so thought of making these quick lavender pillows – she can keep them in with her girls’ clothes or when they need settling at night, put them under their pillow. Lavender is wonderful.

I literally cut out as much fabric around the bird and teddy as possible and then just gave it a quick sew around on the sewing machine. T-shirt fabric is hard to sew, so take it easy. Afterwards you can squish it a bit to shape it.

Underneath the teddy’s right arm, you can see there is a press stud which I had to keep, as there were was so little fabric.

I also like the reverse:

lavender crafts

I think they make a great little keepsake/ upcycle in minutes! Hooray for lavender crafts!