Colourful DIY Ramadan Cards for Kids

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Our new Ramadan Series continues with colourful DIY Ramadan Cards by the talented Nidatastic on instagram. There are two techniques for you try out, both simply gorgeous and great fun for kids of all ages to have a go at.

Easy Ramadan Cards

These Ramadan Cards aren’t just pretty to make, but they are also great for those fine motor skills and concentration skills.

Once you have made your cards, don’t forget to add “Ramadan Mubarak” for that finishing touch. These would be a lovely card to give, but of course also make wonderful islamic inspired decor for Ramadan and Eid.

Now over to the talented Nidatastic – a wonderufl instagram account that you simply MUST FOLLOW! So many more beautiful activities for kids to have a go at and for you to discover.

Key activities during Ramadan

Even if you are not a practicing muslim or are from another faith.. you can have a look at the core values of Ramadan and maybe give some a go (I particularly think that kindness and charity ALWAYS wins!):

  • Breakfast before sunrise
  • Evening meal after sunset (fast in between)
  • Behave virtuously
  • Do charity work and show kindness to others
  • Visit family

Easy Ramadan Cards – Supplies

make ramadan cards
  • Paper bags (for the card base)
  • Scissors/ detail knife (adults only)
  • Pencil
  • Paper & Watercolours (or use coloured paper scraps instead, work with what you have)
  • Glue stick
  • Pen for final details
  • Optional: glitter or stickers

We have a simple MOON template in two sizes for you to choose from (as a free download here) Simply add $0 at check out!

How to make your colourful Ramadan Cards with Kids

As we are getting closer and closer to the month of Ramadan, we have already started preparing for it. And like every year, this time as well we have made lots of personalised Ramadan Mubarak cards for our family and friends.

We have used empty paper shopping bags, recycled hand painted sheets, stars cutouts, some handmade stencils, scissors, detail knife, glue, glitter, black and white markers. For hand painted sheets, I let my kids do some free hand painting all over our previous art sheets and let it dry.

Ramadan Card 1 – paper strips

ramadan cards stripes

Cut them into strips.

For making one card, I cut out 2 same size square pieces of shopping bag.

ramadan cards moon

On the upper sheet, I used a moon stencil to draw a crescent moon and cut the edges with a detailed knife.

kids stick stripes

On the bottom one, kids pasted the colourful strips with the glue.

ramadan moon card

Then, they placed the upper sheet on top of the bottom sheet and glued the edges.

Decorated with some glitter and white stars.

Ramadan Mosaic Card 2

fine motor skills

We also tore these same strips into pieces and made a few more cards by pasting those pieces together.

ramadan card

Which technique did you like more… pasting the colourful paper strips or torn pieces mosaic moon collage?

Ramadan Cards two ways

Aren’t these cards lovely? I adore the finishing touychs of adding a simple black outline as well a some glittery cards. They really bring this Ramadan activity together and make for a beautiful project! I could also see this technique working really well with contact paper and tissue paper scraps to turn this colourful activity into a Ramadan Suncatcher!

Now.. if you enjoyed this craft, please DO visit Nidatastic today and follow her wonderful instagram account for more inspiration!

Beautiful Ramadan Cards