DIY Recycled Christmas Stockings from Old Sweaters

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We love to waste not want not.. and we also loe all things homemade! How about making DIY Recycled Christmas Stockings from Older Sweaters? I made our set about 12 years ago and they still come out every Christmas! So fun! You can use any off cuts to make some cute recycled ornaments too.

Christmas Jumper Craft - upcycle your old loved jumpers or sweaters into fabulously EASY DIY Stockings. Don't these look great? We have had our DIY Stockings for 5years now and they are still going strong!

Making Christmas Stockings out of old sweaters is fabulous for two reasons:

First you get that “knitted” Stocking look, without having to actually knit a Christmas stocking! Not everyone knows how to knit or maybe you simply don’t jave the patience to knit.

The second benefit, is that you get to upcycle old sweaters that may have a hole or a stain on them, but that you still like! We also found wolly sweaters that had accidentally shrunk in the wash as being VERY suitable for making your own stockings in this way!

So this a great craft for a homemade Christmas. They make lovely Christmas keepsakes and can easily be personalised for your family and children’s names… sooo let’s make some DIY recycled Christmas stockings from old sweaters. Woohoo!

Can’t be bothered?? (Hahahaha). Check out the amazing stockings available on Etsy (affiliate links added for convenience!)!

Supplies needed for your Recycled Christmas Stockings

tutorial Christmas stocking
  • an old jumper/ sweater (if you are lucky it will be enough for 2 stockings),
  • thread & needle,
  • felt for decorating

How to make a recycle Christmas Stocking from old Sweaters

You can hand stitch this or use a sewing machine! Your choice!

I used a much loved but sadly damaged woollen sweater of mine. And was so pleased to be able to recycle it. I was rather pleased with myself when I also “recycled” the little turquoise buttons it came with!

Later I bought an additional jumper in the charity shop and made one for the rest of the family. You can also search ebay for some old sweaters. I love to set myself a strict budget to make it really thrifty too. We used sweaters from ebay to make some Christmas Gnomes too!

Prepare your sweater and outline the shapes

Lay your jumper out neatly and look at where your largest surface area is. I think it is nice to use the original’s jumper’s ribbing as the top part of your stocking. This gives it a nice neat edge.

Simple christmas stocking

I was lucky that when I cut off the arms and opened them up, there was enough surface for a 2nd stocking. My charity shop jumper had tighter arms, so wasn’t big enough for two.

knit Christmas stocking

Fix any holes first!

Sew your stocking BEFORE cutting!

jumper to stocking

Make a stocking shape with pins and sew all along them. You can of course cut a stocking shape first – just trace it on newspaper first. I tried to make sure that my stripes aligned! But I am sure no one will mind if yours don’t!

recycled jumper stocking

Now you can cut out your stocking. As I aligned the “rib” of the sweater with the top of my stocking opening, I didn’t have to sew down the top edge.

how to make stockings

Cut & make a little loop with any remaining ribbing.

Add Felt Decorative Details to your Christmas Stockings

Use some felt scraps to add initials and Christmas details.

no knit christmas stocking

I added a P and a snowflake for my daughter. Loved using the original sweater’s turquoise button here.

christmas stockings

Similarly, an M for my son, and the buttons made great holly berries!

easy christmas stocking

Done! Aren’t these “No Knit Knitted Christmas Stockings” just simply adorable?

I did have to darn some small holes.. but it was a great way to make my woolly sweater last a bit longer! As I definitely couldn’t wear it any more!

Loved this sweater upcycle? Why not give our handmade Christmas Gnome a go too?

Christmas Gnome
Christmas Jumpers make great Christmas Gnomes too!

Or why not use any sweater cut offs to make some keepsake Christmas ornaments:

recycled christmas ornaments
Use baby cardigans to make these keepsake recycled Christmas Ornaments!

Can’t be bothered?? (Hahahaha). Check out the amazing stockings available on Etsy (affiliate links added for convenience!)!