Red Ted gets stuck in!

Here are some pegs that we made after the below, the principle is the same, let the toddler paint the pegs you stick on the bits, we now use them on art washing line:


Decided to make my next craft blog with the help of Red Ted! Look at him getting stuck in concentrating hard.These Pegs are super easy to make – cut out some shapes, stick them together, paint a peg and hey presto! Below you can find a Pdf of the shapes I made. For the bunny nose, I used a hole punch. The teeth are the bottom bit of the peg that sticks out. Just draw a line on it! And you can choose to draw on eyes or stick on googley ones. The black bunny was made from scraps of paper I had lying around the house or you can use felt or Funky Foam. Enjoy. And get crafty with little ones.

Red Ted Helps – Concentrating Hard
Red Ted Helps – Some More Here
Red Ted Helps – Last Little Bit
Easter Bunny Decor for Granola Bars
Dragon, Giraffe & Cow Pegs

Click her for download Peg template

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