Salt Dough Fridge Magnets for Summer

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We made some cute little fridge magnets out of coloured salt dough recipe this week for a guest post on Make & Takes!

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Adorable Salt Dough Crabs & Turtle Fridge Magnets. First created in July 2012

Story Time with Flotsam

We do love a good read. And what better time to while away those long summer afternoons, reading a storybook on a picnic blanket or on a shady bench? Great for some quality time together. Today, I would love to share one my favourite “authors” – David Wiesner and his book Flotsam.

For those of you not familier with Wiesner, many of his books are illustrated stories, without text. Aha. So where is the reading in this book? Well… for me reading isn’t just about learning your alphabet and deciphering words. It is about imagination and vocabularly. It is about discovering new things together and about disappearing into fictional worlds.

Flotsam, does just that. It is the story of a boy, who one day finds an old camera on the beach. Curious about it’s content, he takes the role of film to be developed. When he gets the photos back, he is in for a big surprise. He discovers photographs of world under the sea – mechanical fish, octopuses reclining on sofa’s, turtles with whole cities on their back. More importantly, he sees a photo of a girl. A girl holding a photo. And on that photo is a boy. A boy holding a photo…… The boy realises that he is supposed to do something. What will it be? And where does the story continue?

Wiesner is a beautiful illustrator – appealing to a wider range of age groups (my neighbour’s 8 year old and 10 year old boys love this book too) – loaded with possibilities.

We love taking turns, telling the story – or all chipping in at every page. A great way to practice “story telling” without “not knowing where to begin”.

We also love to get crafty!

How to make salt dough fridge magnets

So we took our book and thought about what we could make. My son loves salt dough modelling, so we decided to recreate some of the see creatures out of salt dough (check out our favourite “coloured salt dough recipe”).

Salt dough is wonderfully versatile you can make all sorts of things from it such salt dough beads or hand-/ footprint keepsakes. Made from basic kitchen ingredients and then either air dried or in the oven.

We browsed the book again looking for details that we enjoyed – and decided on some crabs, turtles, star fish and aliens (yes… they feature in the book). A lovely afternoon spent creating.

Then we baked them in oven. Once dried, we glued on some googly eyes and then we took them out to our sandpit for some undersea recreation fun. And when you are done with THAT, why not add some little magnets to the back and you have the most adorable fridge magnets?!

I do hope you enjoyed our salt dough creations!

This post was first shared as guest for Makes and Takes back in 2012. Pop over to read the original, including a lovely book recommendation!

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