Sherlock Gnomes Printable Flextangles


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Sherlock Gnomes Paper Toy: Flextangle

Oh my goodness – the kids and I are beyond excited! One of favourite family movies is Gnomeo and Juliet.. we love the puns, we love the characters, we love the storyline. So when we heard that there is a new “gnome movie” – Sherlock Gnomes –  heading our way, there was rather a lot of excitement in our house!! We will be front of the line when the movie is released on March 23rd!

This time we see our favourite gnomes, joined by Sherlock Gnomes. Sherlock Gnomes assists Gnomeo and Juliet in finding their friends and family after they mysteriously go missing in London (we do LOVE a movie set in London!! Can’t wait!!). It is a gorgeous movie all about teamwork, putting your family first as well as not taking others for granted!! A fabulous Family Friendly movie just in time for Easter!

Watch the hilarious Sherlock Gnomes trailer and then get crafty with us..

Sherlock Gnomes Printable Flextangles

To celebrate, we have a fantastic craft for our Sherlock Gnomes Movie fans today! We will be making a really cool paper toy! It is called a Flextangle or many also call them Kaleidocycles. After making them you can flip from one picture to another – endlessly! Read on and find out what Sherlock is so closely inspecting!

Supplies needed for the Sherlock Gnomes Flextangle:

  • your free Sherlock Gnome’s printable
  • scoring tool to pre-score the lines to fold (optional, but it does make things easier!)
  • scissors to cut out template
  • glue to glue the papertoy together
  • tape when glue isn’t strong enough to keep toy together

How to make a flextangle

Download the printable! We will SCORE indicated lines to make the folding afterwards easier. On the printable you will see little red arrows. Those lines need to be scored. You can use a scoring tool or simply a pen that doesn’t work anymore!

Then CUT out the template!

Time to FOLD! We will start of with folding all “straight” lines (see top picture). Then we will fold all diagonal lines (see bottom picture).

Now we still need to fold all diagonal lines from right to left of the template.

At the end, all lines in the template are folded! The paper now feels a bit “wobbly”. It can be moved around a bit like a snake toy.

Lets GLUE! We need to glue 3 parts together! Put the toy into shape as in the top picture up above! And then glue all three areas together, one by one! Give time to dry!!!

For this last step we prefer using tape as it will keep the toy together better. We will now connect the ends of the “paper snake”. Move both ends of the paper snake together is shown in picture and insert the tab into the gap of the other end. Tape it closed (bottom picture) and cut off any access tape with some scissors.

Turn the paper toy around to Nanettes’ (the frog character) picture and add some tape there also!


Enjoy your ENDLESS Paper Toy, you can keep turning it over and over again! Aren’t they fun!?

Make plans to see Sherlock Gnomes with your family in theaters when it opens on March 23.

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