Snow Day Activities (Outdoors)


Time for some Snow Day Activities. This is a post for those days that catch you unprepared – SNOW DAYS! Be sure to pin it for that cold cold day.. and also stock up on a item or two be ready for the great snow day (in particularly hot chocolate and marshmallows!!). So, the cold weather has finally hit us.. The skies have opened up and (some of us) are inundated with snow. The streets are white.

Outdoor Snow Day Activities - 17 ideas to get you and the kids outside

The Schools are closed. (Funnily enough, you don’t need THAT much snow here in the UK for traffic chaos and school closure… teehee), either way it is a SNOW DAY for the kids! Love snow days or hate snow days, either way – here we have set of snow day activities to hopefully make it a great day!

Snow Day Activities

The best bit about going OUTDOORS and enjoying the Snowy Weather, is to afterwards come in, get changed and have a nice hot cup of cocoa. Be sure to stock some in your cupboard for the cold days to come! These Snow Day Activities will keep the kids happy and excited! (PS I have shared some of these activities in our 30 Snow & Ice Activities post before, but have picked out the ones that are particularly helpful for those Snow Days sprung upon you!).

INDOOR Snow Day ideas coming soon… in the meantime, check out these themed activities ideas:

Here are 10 great Outdoor Snow Day Activities

outdoor snow day activities

Do some snow painting

Make Ice Marbles by queen-vanna

Snow Day Activities – Make giant coloured ice marbles (frozen water in balloons)

frozen bubble blowing - snow day activities

Have a go at freezing bubbles “outdoors” – this has been on our agenda for YEARS, but the UK simply doesn’t get cold enough.

Check here for an Easy Homemade Bubble Recipe


Go on a Nature Item Hunt & Make ice ornaments

snow day fun

“Draw” on cars (but, ahem, maybe not POLICE cars)

snow day activities snow tic tac toe

Check out this Snow Day Activities – Play Snow Tick Tac Toe

snow day activities

photo source

Go for a sledding (make your own sleigh from household items!)

snow day outdoors

Snow Target Practice (make it as simple or complicated as you like – draw a circle on the floor, make a coloured one like the picture, use plastic cups to shoot down, try and hit your snowmen, draw a target with chalk onto a wall etc)

snow day activities animal tracks

Go on a Nature Trail and look for animal footprints

Snow Day Activities

Create your own MONSTER footprints

Snow Angel - snow day activities

Make Snow Angels (of course!)  – check out the other wonderful Winter photos on this page

snow day activities - snowman

Have a Snowman building competition – who can build one fastest? Can build the tallest? Who can make the most unusual?

snow day activities - bird seed snow art

Make nature/ bird feed art in the snow – a lovely way to look after the birds and have some fun outdoors

snow day activities (2)

Take the toys outdoors – Mr Potato Head snowmen! (bring some snow indoors for this one too!)


Similary, bring out the Diggers for some fun Snow Activity for Toddlers!

snow day activities play

Have an Outdoor Snow Kitchen “Play”

Take your Toy Diggers/ Cars/ Boats/ Frozen Figurines outside for some snow play!

snow activities ice maple syrup

Make Traditional Maple Syrup Taffy

how to make ice cream snow

Did you know you could also make vanilla ice cream?! Yum!

Would love to hear what your favourite OUTDOOR Activities for Snow Day are and whether you have tried any of the above and which you liked best!