Snowman Treat Jars


I just wanted to share a very quick photo with you from a lovely reader (thank you Hannah!). She had great fun making some of our TP Roll Snowmen (great for a game of Snowman Bowling too) and adapted the TP Roll Snowman for Treat Jars at school fair! Genius. I don’t know about you, but OUR school has an annual Jar Decorating competition – where the kids have to decorate a jar and fill it with treats – that are then sold off at the Sweetie Jar tombola. I confess, that each year, we totally forget about it in the mad Christmas rush… but NEXT year, Hannah, we are so doing your idea..! Funny how inspiration works, no? Hannah was inspired by us… and now we are inspired by her. Why thank you! 🙂

Decorate a Jar - snowman treats

Like with our TP Roll Snowmen, Hanna used some old socks to make the hats and scarves. Added pom poms, buttons and googly eyes! Job well done!

Enjoy your Christmas everyone!!