Spreading the Love of Reading

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Readingmate

Today, I wanted to share about a new app called Readingmate, which helps you both encourage your kids to read more, but also allows you to help raise vital funds for book related charities and reading resources for YOUR schools!

We love to read

Those of you that have been reading Red Ted Art since it started many moons ago, know that I LOVE BOOKS!

Many of my early crafts on Red Ted Art where all book related and I regularly did picture book recommendations too. You may well remember one of my favourite book related craft – our dancing giraffes to go with “Giraffe’s Don’t Dance”.

As my kids grew older, we did less of these book related crafts, but then started making LOTS and LOTS of bookmarks.. bookmarks are a fun way to encourage both crafting AND reading and they make great little gifts to family and friends too. You literally will find 100s of bookmarks designs on the site to browse and make!

I was determined to pass on my love for books to the kids. My kids are lucky, they had books in their lives from the day they were born! From plastic bath books, to crinkly fabric books, we read with them from day one.

What if you are lat to the reading party?

But don’t panic.

It is never too late to be “into books”.

I was actually very “late” to reading myself. Somehow, until the age of 8, it was missed that I couldn’t read (I had an excellent visual memory instead).

They eventually figured it out, I was given extra support and I caught up. But my reading comprehension was always on “catch up mode”. And reading was a chore (though I always loved a good story).

It was only as a late teen/ young adult, that I finally found my veracious appetite for reading (I regularly read 5 books on a family holiday). Something clicked and fell into place.

Helping others find the love for reading

I am now passionate to help others learn to love books, were I can:

  • All our outgrown books are gifted to school and the community – I never sell our books – I feel, that we are priviledge to have so many books and that a small way to give back is to gift all our books on
  • We started our little free library – though we started it for others, we have been surprised to benefit significantly from this community initiative too!
  • I have been a reading volunteer at school – this was possible the most eye opening in terms of understanding how some children simply don’t have any books at home!

And now…

There is Readingmate.

A brand new app, helping YOU help your kids fall in love with books, whilst also raising funds for reading charities and your local school. It is simple.. the more you read, the more you earn! Readingmate is an app allows you to:

  • Track and encourage your child’s progress with the Readingmate app, set reminders to form a reading habit.
  • Learn and get inspiration from the research-based blogs and teacher led videos on all things reading
  •  Buy your child’s next book whilst donating to school AND a literacy charity at the same time

Why not pop across to Readingmate today and find out more? A super app to help support your child’s reading habits and give back to the community.

Oh and don’t forget:


love to read