Kids Craft – Story Telling

This week we are doing something a little simpler again. I am aware that some of my craft puts some people off (I know some of you don’t have the space for messy painting). We like the simple things too. And today’s story + art came about all by itself and all started backwards.

Red Ted saw the bedtime stars we drew for Pip Squeak in her room again and said that he wanted to do some more.

So next time we sat down to “get crafty”, I cut some more stars out. Whilst he started to colour them, thrifty me, thought I’d use some of the “scrap edges” to make some little men. Red Ted was delighted! So I made him a bunny. He was even more delighted. So I made him a bunny chain! Giggles.

I then got some coloured paper out (some of which used to be old ring binder divider) and set up a “grass & sky” background. Red Ted got to do the sticking [I was feeling guilty that we haven’t done much sticking..]. He loved it. He then did lots of “colouring”! I am so proud – look, he even gave one of the bunnies eyes and a mouth – not accidentally, but quite on puprose **proud mum**. He loved showing the finished picture to his little sister!

toddler crafts & stories

I then thought about “story + art” and how we could use this and remember my post re “Thank you cards” – and how storytelling is such a lost art in our society!

Storytelling has enourmous benefits:

  1. Bonding
  2. Bedtime wind down
  3. Creative development
  4. Learning the spoken word/ improved communication
  5. Decision making skills & learning from mistakes
  6. Reworking the day and feelings/ understanding your child better
  7. All of these have long term impact and even sets your child up with better “business skills” (believe it or not!).

Children are amazing natural storytellers and we really should nurture this. I recently came upon to amazing stories – here is one about The Lonely Cheese by Tornado boy. Another is within in the Mix & Match book that my neighbour’s 7yrs old made. Amazing kids!

My storytelling is definitely a little rusty.. and my story basically was a discription of a bunny party (with apple juice, cake and music, so says Red Ted).

Here is daddy’s (abbreviated story):

Red Ted and Daddy went for a walk one day. And as they were walking Daddy said, look the stars. If we see a shooting star you can make a wish! So Red Ted and Daddy watched the stars and the beautiful night sky. Then suddenly a shooting star they saw! Wow! It was so lovely and beautiful, that Red Ted almost forgot to make a wish. But he made one just in time! He wished for Mummy and Baby to be there too and POW! Mummy and Baby appeared. He then wished for a bunny. He loves bunnies [see our post on Da]! And POW! a Bunny appeared. And then he wished for LOTS of Bunnies. POW! POW! POW! lots and lots of bunnies everywhere. Red Ted and Daddy counted the bunnies. And then they had a party (with apple juice, cake and music, so says Red Ted). Lovely.

I hope you enjoyed our storytime!

toddler crafts & storiesPS a couple of days later, Red Ted drew this. Then handed me the paper and said “Mummy Read”. He obviously enjoyed story time related to his artwork!! **lovely**