Story + Art = stART – Story- and Thank You Time..

Our next stART project inspired by Playing By the Book and  A Mommy’s Adventures – who have made some great booky projects! Do take a look, they are fab!! (Do scroll down, there is a suggestion for you with what to do with a baby…).

toddler thank you cards toddler thank you cards

toddler thank you cards

Ok, a slightly different take on “Story + Art” this week. This week I wanted to write some Thank You cards – as Red Ted’s Granny came to help (I had an appointment with Pip Squeak) and we went to a birthday party at Odds Farm. Both warranted Thank Yous – Red Ted had a wonderful outing on the Tram & Train with Granny and at the Birthday the Birthday Mum had gone to a HUGE effort with all the cakes (she made 4!), she also paid for everyone to go, which was very generous.

So. What does this have to do with “Story + Art”. I decided to “reminisce” with Red Ted – the art of storytelling is fading in our culture and is just as important for stimulating the imagination and learning to express yourself. So, we talked about the “good times had”.

The Farm: Red Ted told me about the pigs and the sheep (and how we were allowed to feed them (eat eat sheep) and how we had to wake the pig (“wakey wakey” pig and snoring sounds and eyes shut) and how there were 2 donkeys (2 iiii-aaa, horsey) – there were 4 actually, but Red Ted is only just starting to learn about numbers… So, I (badly) drew some sheep, pigs, donkey and some bunnies. Red Ted coloured them in!

Then to Granny’s day. This time Red Ted told me about how he was allowed to press the buttons (two buttons two) and how I had to draw some doors for him to get in and out of the train. Then some windows. We also drew the tracks and flowers.

Both cards I drew “free of hand” – don’t worry how your drawings look, your child will love whatever you do – look at mine, hardly a piece of art. But getting it right wasn’t about this activity. It was about telling a story. Reminiscing and encouraging Red Ted to “have a go”.

He did get a little bored towards the end (he was tired from the day out) and wanted me to colour, but I resisted – the colouring was HIS job and HIS thank you!!! I think he did wonderfully!! (PS He also drew inside the card a little.. but that was fine too!).

Gone on, have a go.

toddler thank you cards

For Pip Squeak’s Thank Yous, I have to employ a different tactic – soon she will be allowed to do some “messy play”, especially as soon as we can do it outside with not many cloths on. In the meantime, I LOVE taking prints with her foot. Cutting out the best one and sticking it on a small card. You can add her name and age if you like! Great thank you card to family babysitters or for someone who lives far away and doesn’t get to see them often!

What kind of Thank You cards have you made with your toddler?