Super Quick DIY Stamps

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I made these little stamps with the kids a while ago – they are super simple to make – are a great way to upcycle old bottle tops and have fun. Use them for making cards or wrapping paper create your own pictures! I think this is rapidly becoming one of those “childhood classic” crafts as bottle tops come in some many sizes, colours and shapes and craft foam is great to work with. I have seen it many times and finally we have had a go.

Bottle Top Crafts - simple DIY stamps

Materials: bottle tops, craft foam or pre cut foam shapes, glue (we used PVA glue, but you need to let it dry quite some time before you can stamp, you could use superglue, but please take great care around children!)

It is very important that your bottle top and craft foam are perfectly flat – to get a nice neat print out of them!

You, uhm, simply glue on the shapes and you are done! We have used these with both ink or paint. Both works. Though when you use paint, you may be better off to brush on the paint, to avoid “overloading” of the stamp and lots of smudging.

Using precut shapes makes this less fiddly.

Valentine's Stamps

Why not cut out squares and triangles and see what shape pictures you can create?

And take a peak at our “wrapping paper craft” ideas – these would be a great addition, don’t you think?
This also featured in our “Bottle Top Craft Video” that we created via Google+ Hangouts:

A fun way to get together with other crafty bloggers!