35 Tin Can Crafts

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Welcome! Finally, we are back in our “craft video content” creating mode (that was a mouthful)… yes, we had a little break and now we are back with avengance.. today we look at Tin Can Crafts – you know, your bake bean  cans or your tuna fish cans? Quite sturdy and strong… with tricky tin can properties – how do you best apply paint? How do you get holes into them? Can you avoid the sharp tin can edges? Well, as in the past, we have created a little video discussing some of these properties and looking at a great set of tin can upcycling ideas. And then, to make it even better, I have scoured the web for more great tin can craft ideas – I have to say, there were more out there than I expected! So, I do hope you ENJOY.

35 Tin Can Crafts

Our Tin Can Crafts Video:

Our Tin Can Crafts Links:

Shabby Chic Party Decorations - simple upcycling DIY project

Shabby Chic Tin Cans – Napkin Decoupage (30sec into video)

Tin Can Crafts - Drums and shakers - 5 minute craftTin Can Drums (check out the 101 Kids Activities book!) (1min 30sec into video)

3 Tin Can Jumping rope (2min 30sec – info from the 101 Kids Activities Book – watch the video!!)

Tin Can Crafts

4 Wrapping Paper Pen Pot (3min 25 sec – watch the video)

Washi Tape

Washi Tape Pen Pots (3min 15sec)

Tin Can Crafts - Stilts for kids

6 Tin Can Stilts (4min 20 Sec)


7 Kids Chaos – Paint Dipped Planters – 5min 25sec


 8 Kids Chaos: Kick the can (6min 30sec)


9 Kids Chaos – Dad’s Savings – (7min 25sec)

10 Zing Zing Tree – Sweetie Trees (9min 50sec) – watch the video!

11 Zing Zing Tree – Tin Can Tree Vases (11min) Watch the video!

12 Zing Zing Tree – Cutlery holders – (11min 50sec) watch the video!


13 Zing Zing Tree – Tin Can Mini Shelves (13min 30sec)

burning coffee grounds

14 Me and My Shadow – wasp deterrant & Cintronella candles (14min 50sec)

15 Me and My Shadow – Tin Can Lanterns (15min 50 sec) watch the video

16 Me and my Shadow – (Drinks) Can planters (16min 50sec) watch the video

17 Me and my Shdaow – Tin Can Sunflower bird feeder (17min 30sec) watch the video

tin can bread

18 Me and My Shadow – Bread in A Tin (18min 40sec)

More Tin Can Crafts from the Web

Washi Tape lamp

19Tin can Lamp

tin can windsock 4th July

20 4th of July Windsock Tin Can Craft

tin can phone

21 Tin can phones

Tin Can Crafts windchimes22 Super fun and simple Tin Can Wind chimes

tin can crafts

23 Spooky Tin Can Characters

tin can crafts (2)

24 tin can magnetic robot

tin can lanterns

25 More tin can lanterns (including top tips for not bending your cans etc)

4th july tin can craft

26 More decorated Tin Cans – I love the simplicity of turning this into a 4th July craft!

tin can crafts christmas tree

27 Tin Can Christmas Tree (how fun!)

tin can crafts snowman

28 Tin Can Snowman Windchime (adorable)

tin can knitting loom

29 Tin Can Knitting Nancy

tin can birdfeeder

30 Tin Can Bird Feeder

tin can rocket stove

31 Tin Can Rocket Stove (seriously cool!)

tin can speakers

 32 Tin Can Speakers (ok, so I would never try this, but I love love love anyway!)

tin can crafts camping

33A simple but equally cool Tin Can Grill

tin can wall organiser

34 Tin Can Wall Organiser

quirky tin can crafts

35 I wish I could find the original source for these… but I simply have to share these “redneck china” cans. Aren’t they fab?


35) Cutest Tin Can Owls DIY. Aren’t they gorgeous! I need to make some like NOW!