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I love exploringing different art techniques with kids. Have a go at Styrofoam Print Heart Cards and make some great handmade Valentine’s Day Cards with the kids!

Valentines Day Cards for Kids - printed hearts (3)

Welcome back to Day 2 of the 31 Days of Love series – our January series celebrating blogs – big and small from around the world, sharing lovely LOVE crafts. A total of 40 bloggers (we aimed for 31, but ended up extending to 40), share a post each day about Love with you this month. There will be Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Decorations, Valentine’s Day Treats or Valentine’s Day Gifts for you check out and enjoy!

Kicking off the series is Rikki from Mini Monets and Mommies with her print heart cards. Check out all the 31 Days of Love posts here!

Hi, I’m Erica from Mini Monets and Mommies. I’m so excited to share one of my favorite art activities (but, with a Valentine’s Day theme) here at Red Ted Art’s 31 Days of Love.

I’m a fan of print-making and I always enjoy an easy-to-do version that kids of all ages can make. My son doesn’t always share my love of all things art, but this Valentine’s Day he did agree to help me make a printed heart card. Not only does this activity stress fine motor skills and creativity, but it also doubles an environment-themed project. We’re going to reuse those foam containers that you get with fruits or veggies and turn them magically into pretty little printing plates!

Valentine’s Day Cards – Here’s What You’ll Need:

  • Flat styrofoam fruit or vegetable containers (don’t use the styrofoam trays that raw meat comes on) — if you can’t find a foam container at the grocery store, you can also buy sheets of it from arts and crafts supply stores or use a styrofoam dinner plate.
  • A pencil (or popsicle stick)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Tempera paint in Valentine’s Day colors (red, pink, purple)
  • Scissors

Valentine’s Cards – Here’s What to Do:

Valentines Day Cards for Kids - printed hearts (1)

1) Draw a heart onto the flat styrofoam using the pencil or a popsicle stick. The trick for your child is to put enough pressure so that she makes a line, but not so much that she pokes through the foam (practicing this type of control will help build her fine motor skills too). If the line is too light, she can always retrace it later. She can add a pattern to the inside of the heart. Avoid writing letters, as they will come out as mirror images during the print-making process. One exception to this rule comes when making a Valentine for “MOM”. Mom is the same backwards and forwards, so it will print just fine.

2) Cut the heart out. Your child can completely cut out the heart or she can make another shape around it.

3) Pour a few pools of tempera paint onto a palette or art tray. I like to use wax paper. It’s a quick and easy palette – and it’s also inexpensive.

Valentines Day Cards for Kids - printed hearts (2)

4) Finger paint the styrofoam print plate. Your child can use a brush, but finger painting is much fun!

Valentines Day Cards for Kids - printed hearts (1)

5) Press the painted surface of the heart down onto a piece of cardstock. Use a plain sheet of paper or fold it in half book-style to make a card. If your child wants to add another step. Cut the heart prints out and then glue them, collage-style, onto another piece of paper to create a cute card.

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