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Today we have Pinkoddy on 31 Days of Love sharing a wonderful Valentine’s Crafts with us. Check out previous posts, such as Valentine’s Cards , Valentines Gifts that Kids can Make and Valentines Treats!

I love home-made crafts as presents as they are so personal. I think hearts are a great shape for so many occasions as they really do represent love.  Beading can make a heart even more personal as you can really think about the person – colours, shapes, moods, and even incorporate their name into it.

Beading can also be quite a thrifty gift as you can buy jewellery from pound shops and take them apart, or buy beads in bulk in many places. It is always best to have a plan in mind of what you want to do; that the colours and shapes go together well, and that you have enough of them, before you start.

Wire Heart Craft valentines day

Simply take your metal wire and bend it around the shape you wish to use (in this case a heart). I used one of my plastic cookie cutters but you could make a heart shape out of cardboard. Take the two ends where the heart joins at the top and make sure they go straight up.


Take some round-nose-pliers and make a circle with one of the sides, and the other side twist around it.


Remove the excess wire with your cutting pliers.

Taking some more wire (ideally silver beading wire as it is not as visible) and twist it to the frame (in order to secure it in place). Next attach the beads by threading them through. You can make the beads stand away from the frame too with some simple manipulation of the wire, and depending on what style you wish to achieve. When you get to the end of the shape, simply once again twist the wire to secure the end and cut with pliers.

Valentine's Day Crafts

That is all there is to it, and the same method can be used to make a tiara. Depending on the size of your shape you could convert them into earrings, a necklace, a brooch, or a hanging ornament by securing some ribbon to the top.

pinkoddy_picHi RedTedArt fans it is an absolute honour to be posting from this side and thank you for reading. My name is Joy and I am a mother to 4 boys. I love my children and family life; I love to get outdoors, craft, and generally spend time together. I particularly like recycling and that is really reflected in our craft cupboard.  I have two blogs: My main one is Pinkoddy. Pinkoddy’s Blog which is just dipping into my family life. My oldest and youngest sons have special needs and therefore I started a second blog The Sensory Seeker  to ensure the posts I write about disability are easier to find.

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