Blowing Love Your Way – Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids


We love mixed media art projects for kids! Here is a super duper cute “Blowing Love Your Way” Valentines Card for kids to make. I love the personalised photos. So sweet. Such a great handmade Valentines Day Card for kids!


Today, the lovely Jamie from Hand Made Kids Art, has a fun Valentine’s Day Card to make with you – incorporate your child’s photo in a “blowing love” card. I love how you personalise it by using your child’s photograph, but also how you get to teach your kids some computer literacy skills, by letting them have a go at editing their final Valentine’s Day Cards.

Jamie joins us on our 31 Days of Love – full of Valentine’s Day Decorations, Valentine’s Day Treats,  Valentine’s Day Cards or Valentine’s Day Gifts… hopefully you will find some “heart inspiration” to have a go at!

Hi, I am Jamie from Hand Made Kids Art. We love to focus on art ideas to grow creative thinkers!  Creative thinking is an essential skill that can be encouraged in all kids. By combining technology and art this project encourages critical thinking by asking the question, how can you visually represent the word “love” and phrase “blowing kisses”? My two preschoolers enjoyed painting their own versions of symbols to represent these two. The children also loved the inclusion of technology to produce a mixed media piece of art. Read our tutorial below for step by step directions.

Photo Card for Valentine’s Day – Materials

  • Digital Camera (Cell Phone Camera)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White Cardstock Paper
  • Drawing Materials (You can use whatever you have: markers, paint, or crayons)
  • Stickers or Stamps
  • Computer

Photo Valentine’s Day Cards – Tutorial

Step 1:  Take a profile (from the side) photo of your child pretending to blow kisses off their hand. Select and print out your favorite photo.


Step 2: Have your child cut their picture out and glue their own photo onto the white paper.

hmka_blowing_love_glue (1)

Step 3: Discuss with your child different symbols that represent “love” such as hearts, X’s and O’s.  We brainstormed ways to make the symbols look like they are being blown in the drawing. Let your child draw or paint their own symbols to represent their version of “blowing kisses”.  Add additional decoration with stickers or stamps. Remember the process is more important than the end product of the art project. Let your child lead the project and come up with their own visual solution.


Step 4: You can end the project here, but if you wish to introduce technology with your child, have them take a photo of their artwork or scan the artwork into the computer.


Step 5: Upload to a photo editing site like www.picmonkey (a free website). Allow your child to select additional graphic overlays or text to enhance their drawing.

When finished, print the artwork and give to someone special.  Parent Tip: You may wish to experiment with using the photo editing so you are familiar with it before introducing the site to your child.


This project highlights creative STEAM thinking for kids which is the inclusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. For more STEAM art projects from Hand Made Kids Art you may also like:

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