Valentine’s Day Cards – Water Color Birch Tree Heart Card


Time for some gorgeous Valentine’s Day Cards with these Watercolor Winter Trees. Have a go at the salt and water colour painting technique.

Birch Tree Valentine's Day Card

We are on Day 5 of our new 31 Days of Love Series in 2015. A series celebrating all my lovely fellow bloggers – big and small and from all over the blog. Each day, one of them will bring you a lovely love craft or activity just for Valentine’s Day. Plenty of inspiration for everyone of all ages – whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day Cards, Valentine’s Day Decorations, Valentine’s Day Treats or Valentine’s Day Gifts… browse away and enjoy!

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Sending cards in the mail is such a treat for my kids. Their grandparents live far away and sending mail is one way for us to stay connected. My (and my Mom’s) favorite tree of all time is the birch tree.  The kids used the birch tree as an inspiration for this kid-made Valentine’s day card.

I invite you to stop by my blog, The Educators’ Spin On It for directions on how we made our water color birch tree painting.  It may look hard to paint, but I promise you, this beautiful water color birch tree is not hard to paint at all. My preschooler and grade-schooler made them with just a little adult guidance, the two year old needed a wee bit more help.  When your painting is dry, these are the steps you take to make it into a treasured Valentine’s Day card.

Materials Needed for the Birch Tree Heart Card

  • Water Color Birch Tree Painting
  • Red paper
  • Pencil
  • Black marker
  • Orange paint
  • Scissors
  • White cardstock
  • Glue
  • Blank card and envelope

Directions for Making the Birch Tree Heart Card

A helpful video as to how to paint the birch trees (though don’t forget the salt! We did!!)

  1. Using the red paper sketch a small cardinal holding a heart. Marker his face black and put a touch of orange paint on his beak. When dry, cut the cardinal out and glue onto a birch tree branch.
birch tree painting heart template
  1. Take the white cardstock and make a heart template just a bit smaller than your blank card.  Set it on different places on the paining to find the most visually appealing section.  Then, trace the outline of the heart.
Birch Tree Heart Cut Out
  1. Cut along the line you just drew, creating a birch tree heart shape.
Birch Tree Card Picture
  1. Glue this birch tree painting heart onto the blank card.
  2. Write a special Valentine’s Day message to the person you love on the inside. Don’t forget to add hugs and kisses. XOXOXOX
  3. Address and stamp the envelope, then place it in the mail!

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