Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas


It is VALENTINE’S DAY a go go here on Red Ted Art. We have kicked off a 31 Days of Love series and have already had 28 Bloggers share their Valentines Crafts with us – check out all the wonderful and ecclectic Valentine’s CardsValentines Gifts and Valentines Treats!! But I digress, today is all about our Valentine’s Day Craft VIDEO and associated links, so you can **see** what we made and be inspired. The links are there to help you get extra information for the particular crafts you like best!

25 Valentine's Crafts Ideas

Valentine’s Day Crafts Video

Valentine’s Day Crafts Links

1) Hama Bead Hearts (watch the video right at the beginning) – great for hanging as decorations or using on a Valentine’s Card

2) Recycle Crayon Hearts – stick them on a card as “LOVE” or give them as they are (1min)

3) Heart Key Rings or book bag tags (great beginners sewing proeject) (1min 42sec)

4) Tactile Heart stones (2min 10sec)

5) Shaving Foam Marbling  – and resulting Heart Card Craft (2min 4sec)

6) Pom Pom Heart (3min 30sec) – watch the video.

7) Classic Saltdough Recipe and Decorations (3min 50sec)

8) Kids Chaos, shares her Loo Roll or Cookie Cutter Heart Wrapping paper (4min 20sec)

9) Puzzle “Two Makes One” Card and free Printable (5min)

10)  Paper Quilled Heart (and we have a version here on Red Ted Art: Paper Quilled Heart How To) (5min 22sec)

11) Hand Heart Cards from Kids Chaose (so sweet) (5min 40sec) – makes a nice  bunting too!

12) Plum Heart Pie

13) Paper Heart Structure to decorate a flower vase from Zing Zing Tree (6min 45 sec – watch the video! No link)

14) Piper Cleaner Hearts – use them as a garland or as hair clips and pencil toppers, or turn them into wands! (7min 20sec) (and we made the heart pencil toppers here)

15) Fluffy hearts – based on wreath hearts (8min 15sec)

16) Cupids Arrow (8min 50sec watch the video – but a similar craft here)

17) Zing Zing Tree inspired me to have a go at felting with her super sweet felted hearts and felted pebble hearts (9min 45sec)

18) Upcycled Magazine Heart Garland or Mobile (11min)

19) Appeal to the senses with these Cinnamon and Apple Sauce hearts great for a discovery table (12min)

20) Glitter Heart Cake Toppers (12min 50sec)

21) Candy Cane Roses (14min 10sec)

22) Marchmallow Tops (15min – not linked, watch the video, yummy!)

23) Child decorated Heart Hair bands (watch the video, no link)

24) Willow Tree Hearts (Love these – 16min 20sec)

25) Birch Tree Tea Lights (17min 25sec)

26) Fern Leave Hearts (18min 10sec watch the video)

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