Valentine’s Day Ideas: *Lovely* Reward Charts

Free Reward Chart Printables - 3 to choose from

31 Days of Love

Welcome  to Helen from on today’s 31 Days of Love series. We all know that kids can be a challenge sometimes so check out her lovely Reward Charts to help you and the kids. We use ours to help with bedtime and it works a treat. Check out our other guest bloggers with  Valentine’s CardsValentines Gifts that Kids can Make and Valentines Treats!

Valentine sticker charts: Beat those kiddy challenges with a bit of love

Helen Neale is a mum of two, and blogs at; where she offers free printables, including sticker charts, as well as advice on parenting small people, giveaways and even the odd bit of craft no. She tries to keep a smile on her face about all those little challenges our kids throw at us. Her personal blog, is a bit less organised; mind the Lego on the floor. Here she muses about the challenges of parenting on a wing, and a prayer with a glass of diet coke in her hand.

It’s a new year, so it’s a time to dust off those aspirations for the start of something special.

Resolutions are scattered about everywhere; some already discarded, particularly those that involve avoiding chocolate. Some may even make it until the end of the month…

But if you are anything like me, a new year starts with a new resolve to help your kids with some of those challenges that perhaps you ignored in the run up to Christmas.

Last week we tackled my son’s incapacity to stay in his bed after we put him down. He needs his sleep, we need our downtime after they go to bed. Getting up and down like a yoyo after lights out wasn’t working for any of us.

Our plan was simple:

  • Reduce the screen time immediately before bed so that TV or computers don’t stimulate him too much
  • Introduce a period of wind down with mum, where we read a story just for him and his sister
  • Let him play in his room and then read in his bed on his own
  • Give him a sticker on one of our valentine sticker charts so that every time he doesn’t get up after we put him into bed he gets a sticker the following morning.

A bit of calm, a bit of love and a little sticker can go along way…

In case you are looking to do similar for this new year and into Valentines, here are a few free gorgeous Valentine sticker charts that your kids can colour in. Get them involved, and the buy in is a lot better 😀


Valentine’s Reward Chart – Bird (click to download)


Valentine’s Reward Chart – Love Bug (click to download)

Monster love

Valentine’s Reward Chart – Monster Love (click to download)

We have love birds, hearts, monsters, and butterflies…something for everyone in the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Hope they help, and if they don’t; drop us a line and we shall see if we can give you a bit of advice on helping sticker charts to be more effective.

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