Valentine’s Decorations: Twig Heart Canvas

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We love combining nature finds in our art projects. Today we share a gorgeous guest post showing you gow to make a Twig Heart Canvas decoration. Love how you can custmise the colours and how the DIY Twig Heart really pops out! So cute! Add this to your Kids Valentine’s Day Activities to do list today!

Painted stick heart canvas for Valentines. Super easy Valentine's Day Decoration or Valentine's Wall Hanging. Love the bold pink and contrast with the nature items. #Valentines #valentinesday #valentinesdaydecor #decor #nature #sticks #hearts
First published in January 2014

Today the lovely Ness from One Perfect Day*  this gorgeous twig heart art with us today as the  31 Days of Love series continues. Crafting with nature is a wonderful way to get arty this Valentines. And I think this Twig Heart Canvas Craft looks absolutely gorgeous. So simple. So pretty! The prefect Valentine’s Decoration or even Valentine’s Gift Idea!

*sadly Ness is no longer blogging and this link is owned by someone else now!

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Hi, I’m Ness from One Perfect Day where we share fun and simple crafts, and creative ways for kids to play and learn.

We have a huge gum tree in our front garden and our lawn is always covered in fallen leaves and twigs. This means we have an endless supply of sticks for all sorts of crafts and imaginative play. Today I’m sharing how we put some of those sticks to good use by making this golden heart canvas. It really was very simple to make and we had a lovely afternoon gathering and painting our sticks.

To make a Twig Heart you will need:

  • Canvas
  • Paint in two colours of your choice (we used pink and gold)
  • Sticks in various lengths
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Scissors

How to make a Twig Heart Canvas

diy Valentines Day Canvas

How to make a painted stick heart canvas

1. Paint your canvas. You may need to paint two coats to achieve a nice even coverage of paint. Set aside to dry.

2. Prepare a heart shaped template. This will act as a guide when arranging your sticks. Simply draw a heart on a piece of paper and cut it out. Do you know the simple trick for drawing a perfectly symmetrical heart? Fold your paper in half and with the fold on the left, draw half a heart. Cut along the line you have drawn, open up the folded paper and voila! A perfect heart.

3. Arrange the sticks in a heart shape. Place your heart shaped paper template on a flat surface and place your sticks on top. When selecting sticks, try to use ones that are relatively the same thickness and fairly straight. (See pic number 1 above)

4. Paint the sticks. When you are satisfied with the arrangement of the sticks, paint them in your colour of choice. We chose to paint ours gold and the effect is just lovely when the sunlight hits the canvas. TIP: As you paint each stick, lay them to dry in the same arrangement that you made over the template. This will make life MUCH easier when it comes time to place them on the canvas. (see pic number 2 above)

5. Mark your starting point on the canvas. When the canvas is dry, place your paper template over it and make a VERY FAINT pencil mark (I just made a very small dot) at the lower tip of the heart. This will show you exactly where to start placing the sticks on the canvas.

6. Arrange the sticks on the canvas. Place all of the sticks on the canvas BEFORE you glue any of them down. This will ensure that you can rearrange them slightly until they are just right.

7. Glue the sticks to the canvas. I used simple clear-drying craft glue but you could use a hot glue gun if you wanted.

One last tip – Lay the canvas flat until the glue is completely dry, otherwise you may have a slightly droopy heart, and a few gold sticks on the floor. Ask me how I know this 😉

That’s it! Your gorgeous stick heart is now ready to hang on the wall.

diy heart canvas


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How to make a Twig Heart Canvas for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Nature crafting to make Valentines Decorations is extra special!