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How to… make a Paper Cup

| April 16, 2010 | 5 Comments

I LOVE paper craft, as you can do it whenever wherever with whatever piece of paper you have! Get the hang of it and you can entertain your kids on a bus, a plane or in the car.

Here we have a vlog of how to make a Paper Cup, that ACTUALLY holds water. It is really easy – no “complicated” Oragami (though I think it IS originally Oragami!!). Depending on the quality of paper, it holds it for quite some time. A “normal” piece of paper found in offices holds it for EIGHT MINUTES! I timed it! How cool is that. Let it dry out and it works all over again… you can also make it to hold Pop Corn or sweets at parties..

In the video I forgot to say, that you just “squash” the bottom down, in order for them to stand!

You can teach this to any child. When I was little I used to make them ALL the time! Have a go!


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  1. Make do mum says:

    This is great, love the ‘good grief’ at the end!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Lol! That is poor @incredibusymum’s kitchen we are messing up!! Come back next Friday, had her boys “at it ALL weekend” when they saw us film that “how to”.. 😉

  2. KidsTravel2 says:

    Hi Maggie

    We made this and the kids loved it – said I would post a pic and here it is:

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