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Christmas Get Crafty

| October 1, 2010 | 22 Comments

Hello! And Welcome to Christmas Get Crafty. I am posting this in October, to hopefully inspire you and give you LOTS of time to Get Crafty this Christmas season. Do take a look and do have a go. Christmas is such a special time of the year, that craftiness makes it all the more fun! I have also added a stocking filler section and if you read the individual features carefully, there are many more crafts linked for you to go and explore. There just wasn’t space for everything!

For a full Get Crafty Schedule click here. Next month theme: Autumn Get Crafty

I know that September should really have been Autumn, but we are catching up with it now. I would love to see your pine cone creations, sticks, conkers and leaves. Get out there. Get Crafty. Come back. Submit by Friday 29 October 2010. Don’t forgot that you can also link up WEEKLY for KIDS GET CRAFTY every Wednesday.

Get Crafty with Children

Glitter Pine Cones

When Jude at Artful Adventures sent me the link to these, I was in awe of the simplicity and yet effectiveness of these “Glitter Pine Cones“. Aren’t they simply something? Kids love glue. Kids love glitter. We love pretty things. Everybody wins.. Gorgeous.




Snowflakes made from Poppy Flower Husks

If you are quick, you will still find some Poppy Flower Husks, there are plenty around in autumn. Soak them in a little water and you have nature’s snowflake stamp. Use sparingly with paint or an ink pad and hey presto, you have wrapping paper, greeting cards or artwork!




Christmas Trees

Meni at Dalle un Colinho has some lovely print outs for us, to make life easier in the crafting world. Print out the “parts” for these Christmas trees and make them with your kids! Here she has some Santa Clause tags and here some Reindeer Tags. Very cute!



Paper Plate Angels

You can’t have Christmas crafts without angels! Cathy at Nurture Store made these lovely little paper plate angels with her girls. I just love the glitter detail. So cute. And I am amazed time and time again at what people come up with using paper plates! x



Handprint Christmas Tree

Ahhh, is this lovely – a handprint Christmas tree?! I love how it looks like a lush bushy fir tree. Lovely. And handprint craft is such a nice way to get little ones involved. Cass at Frugal Family shows us how! Why not also hop over to check out their Saltdough Christmas Tree decor? All with the help from the children! Fabulous, just what Christmas crafting is all about!


Sweet Gifts

You think that this is “just” another Christmas tree? Think again, turn it round and you will find a decorated paper roll filled with sweets! I love how Allyson not only Gets Crafty with her children at Christmas, but encourages them to give. Check out how they made these trees and paper plate snowmen here, as well as their Egg Carton and Jam Jar gift bonanza here!! I think I may do something like this with Red Ted for the grandparents and the elderly lady across the road!

Get Crafty for Children (or older children)

Swedish Christmas Hearts

Earlier in the year, I brought you Swedish Christmas Hearts. I love them any time of year, which is why we did the post at Easter. However, in Sweden, these are made at Christmas and filled with sweets, then hung on the tree. I adore traditions like this! They are a bit fiddly at first, but once you get the hang of them, they are easy and really worth the rewards!



Reindeer Decorations

Look at these cute little Reindeer Decorations that Aly at Life’s Laundry made. Not only are they cute, but what is really great, is that you can either sew these or glue these. So whatever level of  craftiness, you should be able to have a go. I know Red Ted would LOVE the gluing bit!




Fragrant Snowflakes

What I love about these snowflakes, is that they steer away from all the normal “glitz and Santa Clause” (not that I don’t love them!!!), but sometimes it is nice to have some natural calm and decor. These snowflakes are simplicity in themselves beautiful!




Assorted Ornaments

I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas ornaments. And when I think of “Christmas Get Crafty” these are the sort of ornaments I think of. They are simple, traditional, pretty an effective! Lovely.





Paper Craft Hearts

Oh again, these are the sort of “traditional” Christmas ornaments that I think of during the festive season. They are so pretty and easy to make. Tresa created the design for these herself and shares them with us on her blog Reese Dixon. Be inspired and make some lovely hearts. Wouldn’t they be nice as a little gift too?




Advent Calendars – Nr 1

In Austria Christmas without Advent Calendar is just wrong! It is an integral part of childhood and at the very least you have a paper one with little pictures to look at! Increasingly, you get wonderful calendars that parents fill for you ahead of time. So this calendar made my Maria at Fabmums, really is FAB! I love it. Totally what family traditions and childhood memories are made of! I love the fact that this folds away nicely at the end of the “season” and can be brought out year after year. Fabulously Chrismassy colours too!


Advent Calendar – Nr 2 – Decorate a Tree

Lucky for me, there are plenty of crafty mums out there making fab advent calendars. I really like  this one too, as you get to make all these gorgeous little decorations. I love how, as the days get closer to Christmas, you get to take more and more decorations out of the numbered boxes and decorate the tree. No overload on chocolates or expensive gifts to buy, but a beautiful way to decorate for Christmas. More lovely family traditions!

Advent Calendar – Nr 3 – No Sew!

Here is another Advent Calendar. If you don’t like sewing much and prefer painting and sticking, this one is for you. I have to say, I saw this a few months back now and fell in love with it. Isn’t it just the most amazing calendar? So different! Yet still Christmassy. This may take a little while to make, so get cracking! That Artist Woman shows us how.




6 Pointed Snowflakes

You know me and Paper Crafts! Here is another wonderful little activity you make out of paper – Paper Snowflakes. They are simple, but fun and great for slightly older children who have mastered their cutting skills! See here for more.




12 Days of Christmas Garland

I love this very simple “12 Days of Christmas Garland“.  Christie at Childhood 101 found an old copy of the 12 Days of Christmas at the Charity shop and turned it into this very original decoration. Very simple, very cute. Worth keeping an eye out for old books that have “no other use”. She also has some lovely little Christmas Tree decors and another Christmassy Garland here.




Christmas Bunting

Meni at Dalle un Colinho show us how to make another very lovely and Christmassy fabric bunting. So special and made with so much love! Fabulous! This will be made once and will last you many many years! Don’t be put off by the Spanish, there is  a Google Translate button you can hit!!!




Newspaper Flowers

Make these out of news paper, spare wrapping paper or festive colours and you have instant pressie decor! Nicole from Made by Nicole shows us how in this Guest Post. Lovely jubbly.

Get Crafty for Adults (or older children)

Cheats Christmas Crackers

Now, although I am the sort of person to bring you a tutorial on how to make Christmas Crackers from scratch (just think, all those wonderful loo rolls you could use!!), I do think Luschka’s crackers, are a cracking (bad pun, I know). If you haven’t got the time, but want decent gifts in your crackers, follow Luschka’s cheat’s guide to great crackers! And then add some her gift tags!



Personalised Stocking

I have always wanted to make stockings and still haven’t got round to it! Do I knit some or sew some? Decisions decisions. I love Maria at Fabmum’s stockings – they used left over felt and for the detail GLITTER glue, what a clever and easy way to add a name. Brilliant. Go be inspired!




Ok, how cute are these elves! I love all things made from Pine Cones. I don’t know why, I just do. They make me happy! As do these elves… go visit them and find lots more elfish things! Like Elf Cookies and Elf Cloth Pegs. Or if unlike me you hate pine cones, they have some Cloth Peg Elves too.. worth a look!

Get Crafty – Ooooh

Hansel & Gretel House (ok, it is a Gingerbread House)

Yet another wonderful tradition, that I associate with a Germanic upbringing and childhood Christmases – making AND eating Gingerbread Houses. Zoe over at Playing by the Book introduces us to a wonderful (Austrian) illustrator Lisbeth Zwerger. Luckily for us, the only book she could “get hold of” was Hansel & Gretel, which meant that Zoe and her girls then went to make this fantastic gingerbread house. Go visit. See how much the girls loved it and be inspired to Get Crafty in the Kitchen!


Tea Cup Gingerbread House

Oh my oh my oh my, aren’t these simply too cute? If the “big” gingerbread house above is too much for you, Denise at SnafflesMummy made these last year and her post about them is simply delightful.. Go have a look and then follow the her links to recipe! Also check out Denise’s Gift Section of her blog, she has so many great ideas, from Union Jack pinboards, to sweetie jars to t water bottle covers, you WILL find something for your family and friends!!

Magic Peppermints

I think you know enough about me by now, that I  love traditions and I love things that make childhood special and magical. Well Kelly at Little Wonders’ Days, really has come up with a magical childhood tradition: Magic Peppermints! With the help of the elves and magic dust and special seeds, you “grow” your own lollipops over the Christmas season. How adorable is that? Go to Kelly’s and take a look what she made to complete the package!!


Reindeer Cookies

I found these on Flickr by Turtle Mom 4 Bacon. How fun would it be make these with your kids? Just dig out your favourite chocolate cookie recipe, some choc chips, Smarties and pretzels and off you go, an afternoon’s activity sorted!




More Reindeer

I know that Martha Stewart is already a well know craft resource, but if you haven’t look recently, you really should go and have a look! I love these Reindeer Gingerbread Men or is it  Gingerbread Men Reindeer?! Whatever! It is just a fun way to decorate your “usual” gingerbread and make it a little different. Great as a small gift to a neighbour or friend! Check out the rest of Martha Stewarts Christmas crafts.

Get Crafty – Stocking Fillers (Previously on Red Ted Art)

Here are some How To’s that I have brought you over the last few months, which could also double up as fabulous stocking fillers:

Delicious No Sew Lavender Bags; Super Cute Flannel Cupcake; Teddy Amigurumis ; Easy Coasters ; Leaf Bowls (fill with cookies & sweets)

If you missed sending something Christmassy through to me, why not visit Violet Posy and join her Thrifty Christmas link up party:

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  1. ooh! I’m excited! Normally I don’t get too excited by all the Christmas glitz – M’s birthday is just before Christmas and so most of our energy goes into that, but seeing this round up of lovely crafts my fingers are itching to get Christmas crafting! I really love those tiny gingerbread houses.

  2. TheMadHouse says:

    What a great selection of great childrens Christmas Crafts, I am so excited to get started all over again with the boys

  3. maria says:

    I love the selection Maggy, so many great ideas to get going with crafting! Thank you:)

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Thanks everyone – well, we have YOUR fab contributions, which really make it special! Thank you for your crafty ideas! Hope you find new things too… definitely makes you feel all Christmassy and wanting to get stuck in!

  5. What a great selection of ideas. But it’s Jen’s Jelly Baby Jesus I’m going to go and look at first! Cathy x

  6. Susan Mann says:

    Great ideas thanks.

  7. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I will be back to use so for sure. I want to make gifts this year.
    Next Friday is my monthly Round Robin if you want to share anything. I really do enjoy your blog and how it is towards children and crafts. Thanks..

    Have a great Friday..

  8. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the ideas! I’ve been dying to make a gingerbread house for years. This reminded me!

  9. HAve I shown you this: ? It’s really simple to make… and cheap 😉

  10. meninheira says:

    Oh Maggy, thanks a lot for your sweet words for me.

    A big Hug from Spain (again hahaha)

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    Michelle – thanks for the boot link, very cute!! You should add it to Kids Get Crafty 😉

    Meni – you are back in Spain?!?! And THANK YOU for your lovely contributions!!!

  12. Audra says:

    I can not wait for Christmas!

  13. Amie Irwin says:

    These are ALL such adorable craft ideas! Hope that you will share them at my Pink Hippo Party @

  14. Charlene says:

    Cute stuff! I love the little tea gingerbread house!

  15. Nikki says:

    Great ideas!!! Thanks so much for linking up to gettin’ crafty on hump day!!!! :)

  16. Red Red Completely Red says:

    What a great list! It’s lovely to start making Christmas things early!

  17. Dawn says:

    Thanks for getting together all these great ideas-my girls will love the kids crafts!

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