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Kids Get Crafty: 3 Kings (Dressing Up)

| January 5, 2011 | 23 Comments

Welcome to the New Year and Welcome to Kids Get Crafty! I had a completely different post scheduled for today, but then I remembered that on the 6th January the “3 Kings arrive” to visit the newborn King. I have made a real effort to tell Red Ted all about the nativity and what happened all that time ago. I didn’t want the focus to be just on presents and “Santa”. So we have had the crib up for a while. Baby Jesus made an appearance on the 24th Dec as did the 3 kings: on the other side of the room. They have since been walking a little closer to the crib every day. Red Ted is fascinated. Today’s craft is once again rather simple. Nothing to oooh and aaah about, but we had fun and Red Ted wore his “unusual crown” all day. Crafting should be fun. And fun we had!

Tomorrow (3 Kings Day), we will be making “Three Kings Bread” – this is a tradition common in Mexico (Rosca de Reyes), Spain (Epiphany Beard) and some parts of Germany (Dreikonigskuchen). You are supposed to hide a baby figurine, in the German one a whole set of kings and others just a dried bean or chickpea, if you find the bean/chickpea/ baby you are king for the day or you have “funny bad luck” all day (depending on which country you are in)! The great thing about coming from a multi cultural family, is you can pick and choose your traditions. Tomorrow, I will attempt to make my first ever loaf and I will pick the country’s recipe that seems most fun and easy!! And will find some things to put in the cake for Red Ted and Pip Squeak to find. I can’t wait!

la rosca de reyes

The Book

I had a little Three Kings Book previously here: The Wise Men’s Christmas. It is a simple inexpensive book, but Red Ted loves it. Here is another one:

Baboushka and the Three Kings Baboushka and the Three Kings. By Ruth Robbins, Mary Clement Sanks, Nicolas Sidjakov

This book is more about “The Baboushka”, than it is about the three kings. However, the book won the 1961 Caldecott Medal for best illustration and therefore I thought it was worth a mention. It it is indeed a lovely book and the illustrations are different and unique. The story is about how the Three Kings have lost their way and stopped by Baboushka’s house and asked her to help them find their way and to go with them. She can’t come as she has chores to finish first. The next day she hurries after the Three Kings, bearing gifts, but never finding baby Jesus. Instead she leaves gifts with other children and the poor.

The book is based on claims of “Russian Folklore”, but others suggest that the “Russian Baboushka” in this story never existed and that it is indeed originally Italian. Never mind where it came from, it is a lovely book and brings anther dimension to the nativity story, also imparting morals (don’t procrastinate and be generous).

The Craft

I had a bit of a search as to what could be a good “Three King’s” craft – crafting really is a fun way to bring things to life. There were lot so lovely “colouring” pictures to download. But Red Ted isn’t really into colouring yet. So. We decided to dress up as kings! Hooray!

We were inspired by Red Ted’s Three Kings, which, ahem, are a Playmobil set. We look at the different crowns and cloaks and then had a rummage. Reusing some wrapping paper left over from Christmas:


  • Crown: Silver card, wrapping paper & staples – any spare card/ wrapping paper to cut out as gem stones
  • Beard: Wrapping paper (as base), left over wrapping ribbon (to attach to head), cotton wool buds, glue & staples
  • Cloak: A shawl of mine & some ribbon from the presents

Well. There isn’t much to say, the pictures say it all. Red Ted refused to add the gems, fair enough, his crown! And he only wore the cloak and beard for the photo. The crown however remained firmly on! Hooray!

Base for beard, some paper & ribbon:

(It was Red Ted who insisted on a beard, as one of the 3 kings had a lovely white one!)

(not of course that he would wear it)

The only problem now, is that we need another Two Kings… mmmh. Thank Goodness for Mummies and Daddies.

For more Kid’s Craft ideas, click here for a full list.

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  1. fabmums says:

    It looks like Red Ted had a lot of fun dressing up as one of the kings no wonder he wore his crown all day!

    I can’t wait to see the loaf you’ll choose to make for tomorrow:)

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Maria – I will make sure I Twitpic it!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I linked up the freezer paper shirts!

    What a fun King outfit!

  4. Happy Three Kings Day early! Your crowns are wonderful!

  5. meninheira says:

    Hi Maggy :)

    In Spain is called “roscón de Reyes” too and you can find an “haba” ou and a litle “munequito” 😉 and them you are the king or the queen of the day :) even now, in the shop you can buy your roscon and come with a corona :)

    Have a happy new year Maggy, Feliz año nuevo

    Un besito
    meni :*

  6. Oh good grief, he’s too adorable!

    I had that book as a child- thank you for bringing back great memories.

  7. Mychel says:

    Hey thanks for checking out my blog and for your nice comment AND for inviting me over! 😀

  8. Oh Maggie what a lovely post, I am all smiley now!

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaaah and your comment made me smile!!!

  10. theothermousie says:

    Beautiful post & lovely to see traditions being carried on. x

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Ahh thank you. We just ate our cake. It was fun. The Englishman was the “Silly Billy” (funny bad luck) and Red Ted found the figurine and is King! Though he is more taken by the whole Silly Billy thing… The Englishman is not too impressed with being a Silly Billy.

  11. Christy says:

    I love the craft. Too cute!

  12. Cute picture!! Love it! Thanks for sharing this on Craftify It Thursday!

  13. Janelle says:

    We discussed the Wise Men today, too. Do you know of any children’s book that shows the Magi visiting Jesus at a house instead of a stable?

  14. What fun Epiphany activities – thanks for sharing them! I linked to your post at

    Janelle, we always used the book The Story of the Three Wise Kings by Tomie dePaola. My children are adults now and the book is out of print (although you can find used copies – I haven’t seen any inexpensive used copies, though). It is a lovely book and shows Jesus as a young child when the wise men arrive (although talks about the star over the “place where the child was born”).

  15. Jenny says:

    I’m going to have to disagree with you – I AM ooohing and aaahing. I have really wanted to learn more about all of the traditions we haven’t gotten into yet – like 3 Kings’ Day, Twelfth Night, etc. and how they all relate. Thanks for the inspiration for next year!

  16. Tai says:

    Thanks for hosting and for inviting me!

  17. Nicole says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t comment sooner – I thought I had…

    I LOVE the picture of him all dressed up; he’s adorable! These are great ideas for celebrating Epiphany. Love the idea about the bread too – it looks delicious! :)

  18. SnoopyGirl says:

    What a great craft! Love the beard! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  19. Natalie says:

    We have the same Playmobil set of Three Wise Men :) I am with “others” – I am originally from Russia and never heard of Baboushka until this year when I saw this book. I was mildly entertained, since Russian children get their presents from Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden. But I digress – great craft and thanks for joining WMCIR!

  20. Awesome! In Croatia we have holiday on January 6th celebrating Three Kings.

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