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Water Get Crafty – Fish & Summer Crafts to inspire you!

| May 1, 2011 | 33 Comments

Well… this get crafty is all about “Under the Sea”… I decided to broaden the “subject” a little to “Water Get Crafty” as it always makes it a little easier for everyone to take part! There are some fabulously crafty ideas for you once again! What I love about this get crafty, is that its “smacks” of Summer Craft Ideas.. so if you are looking for summer craft and summer fun inspiration, look no further!

35 Crafts Inspired by the Sea


Playing by The Book as a great selection of seaside related books for you to look at an explore. Hop over to “I am looking for a book about the sea” and get reading.

For a change, I am going to start with the older kids, the toddler craft DOES follow!


Water Craft Ideas For the Older Kids

What I Made

If you haven’t stumbled across Scott and his blog What I Made yet, then it is time to stumble! An awesomely creative dad he makes the most amazing and wonderful things for his boys (or himself?). Scott is currently looking for votes in the Webby Awards, so do him a favour and VOTE! But before you do, check out this COOL shark – he comes with step by step instructions!

Make Your Own Fishing Rod

What young boy doesn’t  dream of making his own rod and then going fishing? Not only is it functional, it looks GREAT!! Imagine Childhood is a beautiful site with tons of ideas!



Rubber Band Powered Altoids Boat

Now this is super simple, but super cool! I can imagine your kids, make these out of an Altoids tin (or similarly flat tin) and then spending ours in the garden playing with them. A great little science project which is great fun. Something to show your friends how to do… Brought to you by the clever people at Instructables!


Classic Rubber Band Boat

This is a “classic” rubber band boat and is a great “wood work” craft. So I guess you need some basic tools and skills. However, every child should make these “once in their” life. I think they are simply fabulous. You can make them with a double propeller, like How To Make a Toy Boat show us or a single propeller. A great project to involve “Dad” in.


Rubber Band Probelled Submarine

…and if you want to be REALLY cool, you can of course make your very own submarine… this will cause shrieks of delight even from a very serious voice breaking teen. Come on, hop over to Tinkering School to learn how to make one!



Boat in a Bottle

Alternatively, try your hand making a Boat in a Bottle. Hopefully this will keep a teen “quiet” for at least a few days this summer. Creative Crafts gives you a break down of how to  go about making your own boat in a bottle!



Waterfall Water Wall

Well, I think this craft is for ANY age group. Zoe made these wonderful water wheel sculpture out of recycled materials with her two young girls, but I can imagine older children enjoying this too. This is perfect for some summer water fun! Definitely hours of play! Visit Playing by the Book to see how they went about it!


Lemonade Explosion

For some more water, erm lemonade, fun this summer check out this fab experiment over at Frugal Family. It is sure to keep the kids giggling and asking to do it again and again.. but how does it work? What is the science behind. Go visit and find out more!


Whirligig Fish

Oh my oh my oh my! How cute are this Whirligig Fish?!?!? I LOVE them… forget the simple pinwheel, push the boat out and make these fabulous fish like Little Wonder’s Days did. I LOVE THEM!



Origami Yachts

As you may know Chris and “her lot” over at Thinly Spread are a sea faring lot.. they LOVE the open water and I knew Chris would come up with a fabulous Sea related craft. And she did with this fabulous post on “Origami Yachts”. Not having done much Origami myself, I am inspired to do more. And these boats, out of beautifully marbled paper are just the thing!


Sequined Fish Magnets

These little guys were a labour of love and a fabulous example of creativity! Aly from Plus 2.4 was inspired by a lovely little book to have a go at these and then half way through changed direction of what she was going to make. I find that I often “start something” and it doesn’t quite work out and you end up doing something else that does work out! I guess that that is how the creative process works! And these little fridge magnets are lovely – I love the tiny sequins that make the fish scales.. perfect! Do visit Aly and read all about the craft and how she made it!


Get Crafty for Your Children (or older kids)

Octopus Tights Toy

Some of you may have seen our Octopus on the blog recently.. I have been thinking of making it for ages and Water Get Crafty was the incentive to finally get done… 4 pairs of tights, some bubble wrap… and before you know it you have a tights Octopus!  I am telling, it is EASY and hardly any sewing!


Handmade Boats

Now Mini Eco is another gorgeously wonderful and beautiful blog that you simply must check out! Here you have a fine artist, web designer and crafty mum in one.  The results are beautiful and inspirational. You will love her website.  These simple stick boats are just one the many wonderful things she makes!


Fish Pinata

If you are having a party this summer, why not make a Fish Pinata as an alternative party activity? Made from Paper Mache, older kids can help you make one – make it in simple or many colours.. big or small. The beauty with paper mache is that, your imagination is the limit!



Tortoise Taggy

This is a very cute little toy to make for a wee baby. I LOVE taggies – they are such a great tacticle idea and this little tortoise is just TOO CUTE! I love it to bits! Surprisingly simple by Show Tell Share. Go visit now!



Octopus Costume

If you need a “costume in a hurry”, how ADORABLE is this Octopus costume: 3 pairs of tights for the 1st 6 legs.. and then your little girl will make up the rest! Parents.com share with us how to make it.



Crochet Fish Game

Since I learnt to crochet I am ALL over any crochet pattern going – especially something as cute at this – crochet some quick fish and a little pond and hey presto you have you game… Alli Crafts generously shares her pattern with us! Thank you!



Whale Appliqué

A cute applique project from Fowl Single File – take a couple of t-shirts some fun bandannas and bobs your uncle. Two very cute Tees.




Get Crafty with Children

Little Sea Otter

How cute is this little craft? We LOVE bubble wrap printing and any water related picture will look wonderful with this technique. Love the colour combo here, looks simply wonderful!! Visit Brimful Curiosities and see the little book they read to go with this cute craft!



Homemade Fish Tank

Here is a wonderful craft from Zoe and her girls at Playing By the Book. They made ALL their fish from recycled materials and permanent markers, as well as adding wonderful beads, stones and sand! The result looks fabulous. I am indeed inspired!



Fishing Game

I love fishing games. That is all I need to say. And Under The Sea Get Crafty has to have several different ones… so you choose the one you like best. I love all the creative effort that went into making this fish game – the children help colour and draw. Wonderful. Creatiivty My Passion even made some templates for you.



Foot & Handprint Fish

About a year ago, we took advantage of the hot weather, we went outside and got very very messy… both Red Ted and I got hand and feet printing and he LOVED every single minute of it. We then drew fish shapes around them and cut them out. We still have this piece of art in Red Ted’s room and LOVE IT! Go look at the original post, as you we made a long 4 page piece of art, and not just a little square you can see here!



One of the reasons I wanted to do a special “Under The Sea” Get Crafty, is because I saw this post over at Se7en : instead of making a dolls house for your children, make a submarine. I adore it. It is brilliant. It is SOOOOO Se7en. There are so many adorable features – I love how they made the propel la – that you have to check out the post! A truly fabulous blog, well worth a visit!



Garden “Rock Pools”

Aaah what a lovely way to Get Crafty with all those beach trips “finds”. At Nurturestore, Cathy’s girls gave all their beach finds, a good clean and made a little rock pool of their own in the garden… adding some tin foil fish and nets.. How lovely. I wonder whether any creatures will come and live there…


Water Play

And if all is far too complicated and you just want a quiet, but fun afternoon activity, try some Rainy, Soapy Sunday activities. Teach Mama talks us through their day!



Water Colour Jelly Fish!

How wonderful to see some beautiful artwork in Get Crafty – Of course I love crafts, but I also love art!! Here fourth graders make wonderful Jelly Fish. It is such a fun process and “mistakes are good”, that anyone will enjoy this project. Visit Deep Space Sparkle for the intro and then click through to You Tube!


Recycled Jelly Fish

And if you want a Jelly Fish you can play with, try this jelly fish made out of recycled materials. I think he is BEAUTIFUL… you could hang him in the garden and let him flap in the breeze. But shhhhhh there is a “secret ingredient” as how to he is made… visit Mom On A Wire and find out what it is!


Bottle Octopus

Aaah Naturally Educated was reviewing some wonderful Octopus related books and then went on to make these wonderfully colourful recycled Octopuses. I love a bit of recycling and I love a bit of colour!



Frozen Fun

I have long been a fan of Counting Coconuts. It is a beautiful and fun blog with lots of lovely craft ideas! And this is brilliant for both the water theme and the coming summer: Frozen fun. Hop over and check it out!



Shiny Fish

I love recycled crafts.. and if your house is anything like ours, there will be a number of scrached CDs lying around or a number of those “free commercial ones” you sometimes get… so, what to make? How about this lovely shiny fish for the garden? I can just see the sun sparkling in them and keeping the vegetable patch a little saver. Liz from Me and My Shadow tells us how.


Juice Carton Ships

Oh my heart warms at all this wonderful recycling – especially of every day object like these (Ribena) Juice Cartons… what to do with all the waterproofed tetra packs? Well, make boats of course! And thanks to the water proofing, they actually stay afloat. I cheated a little and use the photo of the milk carton boat (I liked the colours), so head over to Domestic Goddesque and check out her wonderfully crafty post!


Yarn Octopus

I am chuffed to bits to see that Jax is indeed getting her craft mojo back with this wonderful little yarn octopus. She used some “novelty wool” for this particular octopus, as it was “lying around”, but it works with any wool… I love how her daughter made it all herself. Go visit Jax’s wonderful blog – Making It Up – and check out her craft! Leave a comment and encourage that crafty mojo!


Water Xylophone

Aaaaah how pretty is this? Water, colour, music. All in one place! Now although this craft is all about some summer inspired crafts and the seaside, sometimes the weather plays tricks on us and we need to stay inside… on those rainy days, have a look at this water xylophone. It is a great little “science” experiment too. Isil from shares it with us on Smiling Like Sunshine!


Get Crafty in the Kitchen

Submarine Cake

Well, this cake is simply the most amazing thing EVER! And I am pretty certain not just little boys would enjoy this one! Kelley at Creative Cake Works explains how to make a submarine cake – a true labour of love and a great inspiration!



Sausage Octopus

Now my children adore “frankfurters” and need NO presuading to eat them.. however, look how easy it is to make a simple sausage fun: making sausage octopusses is just adorable and if you ever have a water themed day, these need to part of your  agenda! Snoopy Girl at Eclectic Musings shares their fishy day!


Octopus Cupcakes

Admittedly, these are a little bit ghoulish, but the older children will certainly appreciate these octopus cupcakes.. I saw them over at Family Fun and couldn’t resist including them in Under The Sea crafts… They are easier to make than you think!





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  1. Zoe says:

    wowzers! So much good stuff here! Who needs to go to the seaside this bankholiday?!
    I love the look of Se7en’s submarine! Thanks too for including Playing by the book, not once but twice :-) Brill!

  2. se7en says:

    Thank you, Thank you for a brilliant post, totally packed with ideas!!! AND thank-you for featuring our submersible you are too kind!!!

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Well se7en if truly truly creative!! She has just wonderful stuff – but Zoe, so do you!!! Se7en it is a pleasure!!

  4. Liz Burton says:

    Wow so many amazing ideas. You may not see me on twitter for a couple of weeks while I’m trying all these out!

    Thanks for featuring mine x

  5. What a fabulous collection again! Very inspiring, thanks Maggy! (and thanks for including our little boats!) x

  6. Esther says:

    That’s a neat collection of Ideas! Very inspiring Maggy! Thanks for including our fishing game! We have to try the ideas during summer vacation


  7. Red Ted Art says:

    My pleasure Esther! I love seeing the “Get Crafties” coming together – there is usually something for everyone!!

  8. Pam says:

    Some brilliant ideas on here.Looking forward to doing some of them, with my 8 year old grandaughter.

  9. Alethea says:

    What a wonderful selection of crafts, there are a few that I am book marking for the summer holiday.

    I love those hanging CD fish!

  10. Red Ted Art says:


  11. Thanks for the Link, and for introducing me to several new sites. I’m tempted to change the theme of PDs party just so that I can include the Octopus cakes!!

  12. Megan Berry says:

    Wow! Thanks for featuring my whale shirts! I’m in love with all of the octopus and jellyfish craft ideas you listed. I think I’ll try the watercolor jellyfish with my daughter – it looks fun and beautiful!

  13. Kate says:

    Wow! What an amazing site you have! Talk about a million ideas for water play! I can’t wait until it heats up here in the West so we can have some great water fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will definitely link up next week, and I’m excited to be your newest follower!

  14. maria says:

    wow, such a great selection of crafts! I love the marine theme:)

  15. Kelley says:

    Thanks for featuring my Yellow Submarine cake in your water crafts post! I loved looking through all of the fun and creative ideas for summer. Your site is pretty awesome, and you’re welcome to link to any of my cakes whenever one of your themes suits something I’ve made.

  16. Red Ted Art says:

    My pleasure Kelley!! And will most definitely have a peak for future themes! :-) glad you like the site!!!

  17. Esther says:


    I have given you versatile blogger award at my blog.

    Please drop by!



  18. Kate says:

    Thanks for featuring my boat Maggie! You are lovely! I ‘liked’ you on the babble list! Yippee!

  19. Red Ted Art says:

    My pleasure and THANK YOU :-)

  20. Red Ted Art says:

    Oooh Esther – thank you for the award! That is lovely of you!!!

  21. WOW! What a top-notch group of activities and contributors! SO, so, so grateful to be a part of it, my friend!!

  22. Julie says:

    Those are some great ideas! Thanks so much for putting that together, and for linking to It’s Stinkin’ Cute Craft Thursdays!

  23. Love the Waterfall Water Wall!

    Thanks for linking to Creative Juice. Hope to see you back again this week…

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh I do love the waterfall too – I tell you my kids would ADORE me if we had a go at that craft too! Thanks for visiting & commenting!

  24. Bitterroot Mama says:

    These are fantastic! I’m going to save this page for now and later.

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Hooray! Hope you do have lots of fun – love doing the carnival, as I always end up inspired myself :-)

  25. Janelle says:

    Finally getting around to thanking you for the inclusion! Great compilation.

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