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Micro Scooters…

| May 9, 2011 | 13 Comments

…oh my oh my oh my… what a wonderful invention indeed.

To be honest, I was never really sure whether we “should get a Micro Scooter“, everyone has one and that kind of made me feel we shouldn’t. Out of principle. I can be like that.

Instead we got Red Ted a wibble wobble bike (aka balancing bike) as I thought the “skill of riding a bike” is more of a “life skill” and “I didn’t want to spoil my son with both”. And I totally love the balancing bike. As does Red Ted.

But then… the scooters.

Well they are fab. What surprises me the most about them, is how very young children manage them, whilst the bikes take a bit longer to get the hang of. I have been watching other children “grow up on” them in the last year and was thinking that Red Ted maybe should have one after all… Micro Scooters was generous enough to send us one (when they heard Red Ted would be only one starting nursery without one) and to my surprise even Pip Squeak (18mths) was going up and down on Red Ted’s new scooter. Realistically, I think you can expect a 2yrs old to use it properly… but still, that is probably a good year earlier than the bikes. And if you are on a school run and you need you children to *move*,well then *move* they must… and the scooters do just that.

The children adore them. The children can *do them*. And the children *move*. What more do you want? Need them to exercise? Bung them on a scooter! Need them to go to the shops? Bung them on a scooter! Need them to do anything? Tell them they are allowed out on the scooter later and they will do what you need them to do (e.g. brush teeth)! Brilliant.

I love it. And I LOVE our special edition scooter – which is a fab orangey – red. Perfect. (also means we will be able to identify ours amongst the pile of scooters at the nursery).


THANK YOU Micro Scooters! You made a little boy (& his mum) VERY HAPPY indeed.

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  1. you have a typo in post title. and url 😉

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Doh! Fixed. I am sooo bad at my Typos. Thank you!

  3. They are fab aren’t they? But you’re right about the need to know which is yours, I was at the park last week and every child seemed to have the blue one, and various toddlers attempted to make off with ours!

  4. Theramblingpages says:

    We love scooters in our house. Micro scooters hadnt hit the market when Boy 1 wanted a scooter so we got one of the metal ones but managed to find one with a small double wheel at the back, and my god like you say they are a lie saver, the kids love them and they move on them, plus they are a good height so if necessary you can grab the handles and give them a tow without having to walk like your 90 year old nan (and for the rest of the week). We have just got Boy 2 his first proper scooter but at 4 felt he was maybe a bit old for the micro. We love scooters too in our house!

  5. HALLO Maggy, how are you? We have been putting off getting a scooter too because we think that as soon as he gets one we will have to take it everywhere! Although, I am tempted because they look so cute!
    Hope all is going well with you and the kids.
    And I will see you at CyberMummy!! wooooo
    Maria xx

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh Maria, I am a TOTAL convert!! You so have to get one! They are light weight and small and you can bung them on the buggy pretty easily!! And to be honest, they usually want to ride it!

    Look forward to seeing you at Cybermummy too!!!

    Maggy x

  7. nellie dean says:

    hmmm, now see I might have to reconsider getting one now. I had thought the same as you: that everyone had one so we wouldn’t! But now I’ve read your glowing review I might have to review that decision.

  8. Elaine says:

    Scooters are great for helping children develop motor skills… after lots of scooting we realised that he used the other leg to our eldest to scoot and when we encouraged him to use his left hand for writing (he was a bit ambivalent before) instead of right his fine motor skills improved significantly! Using the scooter seemed to cement his right / left hand preferences for him.

  9. its always the problem of 2 kids shooting off in 2 different directions though. they are great and even Bob manages one ( yes I know he is 5 but….) and he got a balance bike the other week as he still cant reach the peddles on a proper bike, or have any chance with his lack of balance to go it, and this has boosted his confidence tremendously.

  10. childrens scooter says:

    Very nice children’s scooters. I bought pink color scooter for my daughter and she love it.

  11. Nadia says:

    My goodness, arent they just the most useful kiddie invention and they are fast becoming an essential platform for children\’s learning. I wanna be four again. I did get all excited about the easy progression from buggy as well as the coordination bonus. Also check out scooterbands for their learning very clever. I love how trends can spark excel in learning in children. Win win:)

  12. Pinkoddy says:

    I am so getting this right now – all my 10 year old wants is to go out on his scooter, so anything I want him to do he’s doing if I add the words “then you can go out on your scooter” – fantastic post.

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