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The Benefits of Wooden Toys for your children

| September 20, 2011 | 8 Comments

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Welcome to Laura from Wooden Toy Shop who will share her thoughts with us on Wooden Toys.

wooden ToysWe all know how important play is for the development of our children. Do you ever really think about what your children are using at playtime?

Play is important as it develops a range of different qualities; interacting with others during play is one of the main ways our children can develop their social skills. With all this being said there are particular types of toys that encourage all of this.

Wooden toys are an amazing for developing many skills for your children. Also they are practical, easy to clean, no chemicals made to make them and will last a lot longer than their plastic counterparts. Have you ever bought a plastic toy for your child one week and found it has already broken the next? They are also hypo allergenic for any of you with particularly sensitive little people out there.

When your kids are particularly young you should try and get your hands on some wooden blocks for them to play with. This helps to develop their imagination and creativity as they can make whatever they wish. Other toys that would ideal for younger children would be the numbered blocks which help develop numeracy skills. There are also toys which help your children learn the names of animals etc. The list of educational toys is endless.

Wooden ToysThat isn’t to say that the only toys available are for younger children there are wooden toys for a range of ages. You may want to buy your child a wooden bike; they are a great way to get your children out into the garden to get some exercise. Instead of having them sat inside staring at a T.V screen. Buying something like this will keep them active and they can have hours of fun.

There are plenty of educational wooden toys out there for your children to experience. It is just a case of doing your research and finding the perfect ones. You will find that wooden toys are an excellent source of education in different ways to plastic toys.  The more modern plastic toys will come complete with flashing lights and noisy distractions which do not really teach your children as much. Also I have found through experience that these kinds of toys are often just exclusive to one child and do not encourage play with others.

Overall wooden toys can be fun, educational and encourage creativity within your child. There is nothing wrong with them being exposed to technology but for the early years of their lives it is important for them to develop their own skills and forge their own personality.

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  1. Liberty says:

    I agree 100%!!! Our home is filled with several beautiful wooden toys that have held up for years. My children love them. I love them. When we gift friends for birthdays and such… it is always a quality wooden or fabric toy. Children today are really missing out on quality toys offering open-ended creative results!!!

  2. I agree too! I love wooden toys. We have a beautiful work bench that has been played with nearly every day since we got it, and now have a huge collection of wooden train track.

    I bought my 1 year old a small set of blocks for her birthday recently and my 4 year old plays with them more than her. I wish I had bought them years ago, and will definitely buy more.

  3. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh yes our wooden train set is much much loved and one of our best toy buys!

  4. adele crozier says:

    I completely agree with you. My children love their wooden toys and we are currently saving for a wooden kitchen.

  5. Amara says:

    Wooden toys last longer, they’re more durable and could last for generations. I agree on your post!

  6. Krystal says:

    We love wooden toys. They are generally open-ended and keep so well! So many educational possibilities.

  7. Saffron says:

    I also agree, I love wooden toys. Wooden toys are really good for kids. Wooden toys are eco-friendly and safe for kids.

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