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How to.. make a Sock Monkey

| September 30, 2011 | 31 Comments

sock monkey patternWelcome back to this week’s “How to… Make A  Sock Monkey”. The Sock Monkey Pattern has been around a long long time. Originally it was designed by the Nelson Knitting Company. They came up with a way of making use of two whole socks to make a cute cheeky little monkey. The Sock Monkey Pattern looks a little complicated at first, but is actually very easy to make. You just need to take care that you cut your sock correctly, to make the most of it. I love the fact that the heel of one sock makes the mouth of the monkey! Check the bottom of the post for the original instructions and how to get the most out of your sock!

I love “recycled crafts“, but I have also learned, that if you use “old and tired” fabric, you resulting craft will look old and tired. So don’t use your smelliest socks. How about using to mis-matching socks? I had a go with a pair of my child’s tights – that had holes in them… but not too big that I couldn’t fix them for the sock monkey! So. I hugely encourage you to recycle, but use nice stuff! Check out our Tights Octopus for other tight ideas!

Here to my tights monkey! This post was written for Red Ted Art.

sock monkey pattern

Materials: a pair of tights or 2 socks, sewing equipment & scissors, stuffing, buttons, embroidery thread for mouth

One sock/ leg will be the body of the monkey, the other will make up the arms, tail, ears and mouth.

Note: the “shoe size” of your sock, will determine the monkey’s size – i.e. Socks from The Englishman will make long bodied sock monkeys whilst Red Ted’s tights resulted in a medium one. Could make a mini one out of Pip Squeak’s socks!

Top tip: If you are using a sewing machine, sew first, then cut, avoids fiddly tiny edges and all that!

sock monkey pattern sock monkey pattern

sock monkey pattern

1) Take the first leg and cut a piece of the bottom – approximately sock length. The heel of the tights/ sock, will be the sock monkey’s bottom. So anything below this will be the length of your legs… so either make long or short legs, whatever you feel like! Cut a slit all the way to the slit. Sew inside out, leaving an opening near the heel. Stuff.

sock monkey pattern sock monkey pattern

2) Cut out some arms – I made mine the same width and length as the legs, in retrospect I think slightly thinner arms would have been nice! Place fabric right sides together, sew. Turn right way round and stuff. Tuck in the ends and sew onto sock monkey body. I placed the arms about half way along the body.. It is personal preference really!

sock monkey pattern

3) Cut out a long thin tail. I found mine hard to “stuff”, but I don’t think it matters if it isn’t stuff too much! Again, refer to the pattern below if you are using 2 socks and need the “perfect use” of your sock to create all the parts you need!

sock monkey pattern sock monkey pattern

4) Cut out the heel of the second leg/ sock – this will become the mouth. I cut generously to leave extra fabric for “tucking under” when sewing. Place a little stuffing underneath. Then pin in place and sew. (See next step for finished sock monkey muzzle)

sock monkey pattern

5) Cut 4 pieces of fabric for ears – again, I did these “roughly”, but below there is a “pattern” to make best use of your sock. I sewed all around and then I tucked in the edges and pinched it as per picture to create a little fold. Then I sewed in on.

sock monkey pattern

6) Sew on your buttons! It is worth checking all the buttons you have. I tried self different ones. With some the sock monkey looked freaky and scary. With the ones I settled on, I thought it was rather cute! My sock monkey has a little dent in the head, from where I had to darn a hole. No one seems to mind though! Sew on a mouth with red embroidery thread!

Here again the full monkey, so you can see how all the bits assemble and see the heel of the tights end up as the sock monkey’s bottom:

sock monkey pattern sock monkey pattern

And here is again:

sock monkey pattern

Here is the original Nelsons Knitting Company pattern shared via Tipnut!

Sock Monkey Pattern

sock monkey pattern original

So.. what do your reckon? Why not give this Sock Monkey Pattern a go?!

Ooh and our Sock Monkey has a friend, made by one of Red Ted Art’s readers! Hooray:

sock monkey


sock monkey

By the 10 yrs old son of

sock monkey pattern

By @robyndwyer for her new niece and new son!

sock monkey pattern

Some more friends from Wag Doll, these are dressed!

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  1. Annie says:

    Cool beans ! I have been meaning to make one of these for ages but didn’t know where to get started so a big thank you !

    Right now off to rummaged for tights and socks …

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Hooray!! Annie, a comment like that really makes my day!! Thank you! Happy Monkey Making!

  3. I LOVE that. You are so clever Maggy! xx

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaaah, nah… anyone can make one – there are even kits for sale out there for children!

  5. HELEN says:

    ooh I’ve seen these being sold and wanted to know how they were done…and now I do, thanks for sharing, now I just need to get on & do it!

  6. Red Ted Art says:

    Oooh do go and make one and then come back and share your photos!!!

  7. MJM says:

    Waaa he’s fab!! I’ve booked him and sock monster in for a sesh. They are indeed gonna be wild on the town! Luv it xx

  8. Red Ted Art says:

    Hooray! Sock Monkey will be pleased to have a friend…

  9. Esther says:

    What a cute way to recycle the torn tights! I have to make one for my daughter, She will just love it!

  10. karen says:

    we make these with our year seven boys in textiles at school. so much fun! we make sock monsters too – more exciting for the boys who add teeth and costumes! brilliant fun and perfect as an introduction to hand-sewing. such a fab sense of achievement!
    thank for this i’ll show my boys!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Oh yes! Great to do monsters! Especially as monster by definition allow for mistakes which means younger children really can have a go!

  11. I have always wondered how they make these! :) So cute!

    thanks for sharing this great tutorial on the Sunday Showcase!


  12. Jill says:

    How lovely is he – thank you so much for the tutorial


  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Pleasure Jill!! And Bernadette hope you make one!

  14. Angela0716 says:

    Super simple and darling idea. I think my teen could do it with very little help. Cute project for Christmas.

  15. Always a push-over for a puppet. Love these Maggy!

  16. Red Ted Art says:

    Susan – Oooh you HAVE to come back tomorrow – I have a SPECIAL Aussie kids craft for you :-)

    Angela – definitely one that older kids can get involved in!

  17. Judy says:

    That is so cute! My son was recently given a sock monkey and he loves that thing :)

  18. Actually Mummy... says:

    That is super-cute! And a 10 yr old did that?! Wonder how it will turn out if I let my 4 yr old into his big sisters tights drawer!

  19. Miss Mamo says:

    I have been wanting to make one for ages, you instructions are by far the simplest I have found this week! I am totally making one at the weekend!

    • Red Ted Art says:

      Aaaaah thank you for that! I am so pleased I met the “simplest criteria” – most definitely one of my aims! YAY!!! :-)

  20. Becky from babybudgeting says:

    He is fabulous!
    Love that you are joining us at the Thrifty Families First Blog Carnival which will be liove at on Thurday, Do pop by and share the thrifty lovex

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