Kids Get Crafty: Chestnut Streamer Toy

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‘Tis the Season to Get Crafty – tra la la la la laaaa… certainly Autumn crafts are all in at the moment.. the trees are starting to change colours, the woods are littlered with Acorns and Chestnuts… Last week we made chestnut creatures and chestnut pencil toppers… this week we have a Chestnut Streamer Toy or “Kastanien Flugball” in German.

I can’t claim that this Streamer Toy was my idea, I first saw it on  I thought it look liked a fun idea and then we discovered that not only looked fun, but hearing the streamers flutter in the wind SOUNDS fun too. Gorgeous all round!

The Book

Red Leaf, Yellow LeafRed Leaf, Yellow Leaf, by Lois Ehlert.

A “Fall” classic by the wonderful Ehlert. Although many poeple get this book out in Autumn – thanks to all the beautiful Autumn colours, this is actually a great book to look at the “life cycle of a tree”. It starts of with the “helicopter seeds” from a big maple tree.. how it falls, it lands, how some are taken by animals and others grow into seedlings in springs… how a tree then grows and how maybe it is then “harvested” by a nursery for people to buy and plant in their gardens. The book is once again beautifully designed – with Ehlert’s wonderful collages. It includes all seasons and at the end you get a handy section with tips on how to Plant a tree – how to choose one, when to plant it, where to plant it.. etc. Most definitely a great choice of book!

And of course a Chestnut tree starts is life with a conker…

The Craft

This is very quick and simple… once made take out and play!

Materials: Chestnut, tissue paper cut in strips, scissors, glue

1) Make a hole with your scissors or chestnut tool.

autumn crafts

2) Cut some tissue paper strips. Twist at one end and insert with lots of glue. We made one with blue/ red/ white streamers and a “firey” one with yellow, orange and red!

kastanien flugball

3) Let dry.

kastanien flugball

kastanien flugball

4) Let fly!!!

We had great fun with these at the park.. they even bounce a little as they hit the ground (do it too often on a hard ground and your chestnut will crack) and be warned: dogs and cats LOVE these too….

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This is one of my most precious childhood memories - crafting with conkers (also known as horse chestnuts or buckeye crafts) - I love the smooth texture and the fun chestnut crafts you can make. Here re 15 lovely ideas for Fall

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