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Kids Crafts: Christmas at The Dolls House

| December 14, 2011 | 29 Comments

doll's house crafts Christmas at the Doll's house Christmas tree ornamentWell…. even the lovely little people in our cardboard box doll’s house need to celebrate Christmas… so today we made some decorations for the doll’s house, that also double up as Christmas Tree ornaments… Perfect for little or big hands. Make them yourself (and let them magically appear over night in the doll’s house or just decorate your tree) or with your children. I know I haven’t published my doll’s house “how to” yet.. only a teaser photo. I *promise* it IS coming.. there have just been so many great Christmassy Guest Post to do first!

So this week we made:

* Christmas tree ornaments (also known as a doll’s Christmas tree for every room (almost))

* Recycled mini paper chains (how fiddly, how sweet)

The Book

A Wish to Be a Christmas TreeA Wish To Be A Christmas Tree, by Colleen Monroe

Aaaaaah an adorable book about a fir tree on a Christmas tree farm, that has grown too tall for anyone to want it (or be able to fit into their house). The tree knows this and is very very sad as each year the people come and choose the trees around him.

The animals of the forrest see how upset the tree gets and decide that one night, when he is asleep they will ocme and surprise him. Decorating the tree in their own special way and showing him how much he is loved by all the animals and what he has done for them over the years.

We love the prose and we ADORE the illustrations. Gorgeous for the advent season.

The Crafts

Well… I always knew I wanted to make a Christmas tree with the children as one their advent calendar activities. And there are SO MANY fabulous ideas out there, I was a little stumped as to which to do.. in the end we kept it VERY simple and it was just perfect. Me and My Shadow made similar ones as table place markers.. ours will go in the house.. but you can also include a ribbon and hang them in your tree.. or decorate your mantle piece?! So make them, use them, have fun.

Materials: Card & green paint (or, ahem, green card), glue, things to stick on, scissors, ribbon for hanging if need be!

Christmas tree ornament

1) Cut a semi circle. I used a small plate as a template. Later we made a bigger taller tree, for which we used a quarter of a circle using a dinner plate as a template.

Christmas tree ornament

2) Glue into a cone and add your ribbon if you will use these as hanging ornaments. If necessary paint!

Christmas tree ornament Christmas tree ornament

Paper Christmas tree ornament Paper Christmas tree ornament kids

3) Once dry add your decorations. We had: lots of sequin-cy things, some left over gems and later I found some sticker stars (very popular). We stuck two snowflake sequins together to make a Christmas tree topper! I was impressed with how well Pip Squeak was managing the sticking! She is only 2yrs! Red Ted is 3.75yrs. The kids ADORED it. And they loved putting the trees in the doll’s house!

Paper Christmas tree ornament


Christmas at the Doll's house

The Paper Chain

As to the paper chains… I rather rather RATHER underestimated how wonderful paper chains are to children. I haven’t made them in years and thought a mini chain for the house would be fun. Red Ted was thrilled. He was giggling away when he saw the magazine page being transformed into a paper chain. He helped me by adding the glue, but found the actual chain making (they are so small) too fiddly:

paper chain how to

In case you are not familiar with paper chains – cut a number of equal lenght and width paper strips and then form paper loops… inserting a new strip each time before glueing it shut! Ta da:

Doll's house christmas decorations

Lovely, no?!? The doll’s house is now fully accessories for Christmas… alternatively make paper chains and Christmas Tree ornaments for your own tree!

For more Kid’s Craft ideas, click here for a full list.

If you have been crafty with your kid’s be it at home, in the kitchen or outdoors, I would love for you to link up:


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  1. Such a fun idea to decorate the dolls house!

  2. Red Ted Art says:

    Thank you Cathy! It was fun seeing how excited the children were about it. Funny how one underestimates \”the small things\”…

  3. Rebecca says:

    Still haven\’t decorated our house but after reading this I may have to do the dolls house first. So cute.

  4. Red Ted Art says:

    Aaaah we had almost more fun doing the dolls house! Have more to come for the dolls.. can\’t wait :-)

  5. artsy_momma says:

    That is an adorable sounding book!

  6. lovely idea. Love the mini trees! cant wait to see the doll\’s house instructions… x

  7. Red Ted Art says:

    Working London Mummy – dolls\’ house coming next Friday. *Finally*.

  8. Liz Burton says:

    Wow, thanks for the mention. I LOVE your dolls house trees, what a great idea.

    I can\’t wait to see the whole house – what a tease you are! x

  9. Red Ted Art says:

    Hehehe was never meant to tease you guys… have been *desperate* to post the house ever since Pip Squeak\’s birthday (well over a month ago).. but Christmas go \”in the way\”… 😉 Next Friday! Next Friday!!

  10. Honest Mum says:

    Blue Peter eat your heart out. How fabulous to decorate the doll\’s house and make mini Christmas trees. Delightful.

  11. Red Ted Art says:

    *beam* especially since I used to LOVE Blue Peter… ahh the memories!

  12. Ellie says:

    These are so cute, doing decorations in miniature for a dolls house is such a great idea. I used to love my dolls house when I was a kid and played with it for hours, can\’t wait to see your dolls house.


  13. Red Ted Art says:

    Make sure you come back next week – dolls\’ house galore!! :-)

  14. sorry my link has popped up twice

    Georgia :)

  15. Red Ted Art says:

    No problem and have deleted one!

  16. Mama Pea Pod says:

    What a cute idea to decorate the doll\’s house for Christmas! I\’m giving our girls my old (homemade) doll house for Christmas this year — this could be a great way to keep Princess Pea entertained during the holidays!

  17. I love the idea of a Christmas Tree for the dolls house! Thats what we are doing tomorrow. xxx

  18. emma says:

    Loving the mini paper chains. Cute idea. Can\’t have the dolls missing out on a bit of Christmas cheer!

  19. What a cute idea!!!!! I would have never thought to do that! Mini-christmas things? We could also do it for the train table! :)

  20. Ali says:

    Thanks for the reminder about paper chains. I haven\’t made them for years and years.

  21. Red Ted Art says:

    :-) thank you everyone!

  22. Red Ted Art says:

    PS Critters And Crayons: would be great on the train table too!!! :-)

  23. icklebabe says:

    SO sweet! I do love your blog so much, especially at this time of year! makes me all warm n fuzzy inside :)

  24. Wow, you were right – our Christmas trees are so similar. Identical twins and souls!
    Love the idea of a paper chain to decorate the doll house!

  25. Red Ted Art says:

    icklebabe – Oh my, what an adorable comment *THANK YOU* :-)
    Rashmie – I know! I saw yours and though \”oh-oh\” and then I thought… it doesn\’t matter… we are allowed to do similar crafts and we can\’t let our dolls miss out! Kindred spirits indeed!

  26. So fun! Love the tree craft and decorating the doll house.

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